So What Happened with Noom?

You might recall that way back on April 15th I made a pledge to try ‘Noom’ which is a weight loss program. I was going to try their 2 week ‘free’ trial before making a decision as to whether or not this would be the program for me. I had never paid for a weight loss program before, but I wasn’t against the idea.

Well. That idea lasted maybe four days before I gave up. I found it did not pertain to me and my lifestyle, their coaches were automated bots that didn’t respond when I mentioned thoughts of suicide, and their philosophy wasn’t sustainable for me. They had little daily tasks for you to complete, surveys to read, and were a very hands off approach to things.

I did continue with my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 60lbs before just after having my son, and I know I can do it again despite being diagnosed with MS and living in the far North where a head of lettuce runs $20. Between April 15th and now (May 3rd) I’ve lost 9 pounds. What am I doing?

I’m doing a keto-type of diet (not long term, I’m doing this for a month or two), where I cut out almost all carbohydrates as much as I can (if I have a no carb alternative that’s what I go with) and I’ve reduced portion sizes by a huge amount. I’m eating eggs, cheese, meats, heavy cream, oil, nuts, and a few vegetables like cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. I’m not completely carb free because it’s an impossible task given where I live, but I’m feeling pretty confident about things. Note, this is NOT a sustainable way to live life, and I know that. What my issue was/is is portion sizes combined with a lot of unhealthy snacking. I’m looking to reduce those portion sizes (keto makes me feel very full) and get them under control before returning to a ‘regular’ healthier diet. I can’t add a lot of exercise in my routines yet due to my MS, some days I can’t stand because I have vertigo, some days I can’t walk, some days my hands don’t function properly. On days I don’t have those issues I have started doing resistance training with different weights of bands – exercises like squats. I also have resistance training for my fingers and arms to help build muscle because on a bad day my MS prevents me from doing simple things like carrying a cup of coffee across a room without dropping it. My muscles just don’t have the strength.

I have a lot of weight to lose, but I’m feeling confident. Cooking is an issue for me some days so it was convenient to grab whatever carb loaded item was in the house, but my husband has been cooking for us, so there’s less pressure on me. I find keto meals simple, and I’m not the sort of person who gets easily bored of things which tends to work out well. One of my favourite things is a veggie burger on lettuce with a sriracha mayo – I could probably eat that every single day, and it fills me up for a good while. At night I have 45g of salted nuts, and I have some keto supplies coming in a few days. There’s some dark chocolate (if you get the stuff that’s 85% it’s pretty keto friendly), some sriracha chickpeas, some sugar free coffee syrup, and even some sort of flour mix that you can use for pizza crust that’s apparently keto friendly which I picked up to try. I find that this is something that’s a lot easier for me to stick with, and that is honestly the most important thing. My goal is to be below 200lbs by Christmas. I’m confident I can do that. I’ll keep checking in now and again to post some updates for anyone interested, and if you’ve any questions just give me a nudge.

May Gaming Goals – 2021

Gaming has taken a bit of a back seat this month as I delved into Animal Crossing, but that’s OK.


  • Did not finish four floors at Quail Plaza. DID do a lot of pillaging to make this goal easier, though. Now I just need to find the time.
  • Did not complete any older games in my steam library. Did play a lot of new-ish-to-me games though!
  • Did not continue the next chapter in Divinity.


  • Reach 80 in another class in FFXIV – I got to 80 in botanist, and I am 76 in Bard which is pretty dang close to 80.

May Goals:

  • Continue Divinity Original Sin II with the husband
  • Reach 80 Bard in FFXIV
  • Reach 80 in a craft profession in FFXIV
  • Re-establish what I was doing in GW2 and see if it’s possible to fit that into my schedule
  • Build 4th floor at Quail Plaza
  • Complete 1 room or section in Animal Crossing on my island (complete is used loosely here, I know designs are never truly complete).

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Knitting Goals – May 2021

Completed in April:

  • I finished my sockhead cowl! It’s lovely, even if it wasn’t completed in time for winter this year, I will make good use of it next year.
  • I did two squares on my sock scrap blanket – which is more than I did last month, so I’m counting that as a win
  • Still not done with those TAAT socks, they’re taking me forever. I also didn’t work on my Silver Bells Sweater.

Current WIPS:

  • Scrap blanket
  • For the horde mitten liners
  • TAAT January Sock club socks

May Goals:

  • Complete TAAT socks
  • Two squares on the scrap blanket
  • Pick a new project to work on
  • Some progress on the Silver Bell Sweater IF my chaigoo needles arrive

I ordered a complete set of chaigoo interchangeable needles but then I got a notice that the order was cancelled – it was after the shipping notice went out, so I’m confused on what is going on. I figure I’ll give it a bit of time, then if they don’t arrive, I’ll re-purchase them. I’ve been having a blast keeping up with my daily creative events, every night is a new hobby, and things are progressing along at a wonderful pace. I need a new knitting project, I’m not sure what I’ll work on next. We’ll just have to see!

Mood Lighting

I’ve been working on setting up my house in Animal Crossing – and I finally have at least one room not looking too shabby now! I have a little poetry corner set up, complete with mood lighting and of course rain.

Happy Corner (5)

There’s just a little bit of work left to be done on my Happy Corner miniature kit! It’s so tiny, and I’ve really enjoyed the process. I set up the wiring and everything works!

Sock Scrap Blanket

One of my goals in scheduling my hobbies in the evenings was to try to work on my sock scrap blanket a little bit. I only have one evening a week assigned to knitting because knitting is something I can do throughout the day, the kids are not destroying it or anything like that. During that time I wanted to focus on a few specific projects – one of them is mitered squares for the sock scrap blanket I’ve been working on. I’m hoping to get at least two squares a week completed, even that small amount would be a big step towards getting this blanket rolling. Each section is 3×3 squares, and I’m going to stitch them together. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that yet, whether it will be with a crochet boarder, or just whip stitch or some other method. I’ll probably have to see what I prefer. Each square is 20×20 stitches, and they knit up pretty fast so long as I can remember which way to pick up stitches from.

Bistro Progress

I was working on my Bistro cross stitch (something I pull out every few years to continue with) and I noticed that one of the symbols charted didn’t have a corresponding thread to go with it. I knew it was one of the blue colours, but I couldn’t be sure which one it was. Thankfully we live in an age of online everything, so a quick google search brought up others who had the exact same issue, and reading through the replies I was able to figure out exactly what colour this symbol is supposed to be. There must have been a printing error with this particular pattern back when it was made (some time in the early 2000’s) that was never corrected. I still hold dreams of completing this piece ‘one day’ but it’s going to take a bit of time, especially since my eyes can’t see the little cross stitch holes as well as they used to.

On that note, I did order a bunch of floss and a few more pieces of aida cloth – I found some absolutely precious patterns that I wanted to stitch, something smaller that might inspire me to continue working on the larger piece. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to just look at this one giant massive piece. Hopefully the floss and all the rest gets here soon.

Happy Corner (4)

The coffee house and the book store are completed (minus trimmings along the outside) and the glue just needs to dry before I move on to the bakery and the flower shop! I’m pretty excited to get these completed. It will take a few more sessions, but I can’t wait to see it all wired and lit up.

Custom Designs

I downloaded this neat illusion design for my work area in Animal Crossing, and I love it so much!

Thanks Diana

Some times my villagers are pretty blunt.. This is Diana commenting on my eye because I was stung by a wasp. I’ve since learned exactly how to avoid those obnoxious critters. If you get your net out, and shake the trees while standing directly in front of them, all you need to do is spam the ‘A’ key and you’ll catch them every time. No more swollen eyes for me!