Blaugust is almost Upon us!

Don’t know what Blaugust is? Well, it’s a community event where you attempt a few goals in regards to blogging. It could be blog every day, blog on weekends, write about a specific topic, something that challenges you. This will be the 6th year that I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Blaugust, and I’m pretty excited because so far in 2019 I’ve managed a blog post every single day. Now, you might not want to blog every day – and that’s great, but I had started this blog back in 2006 and absolutely loved writing – then I had kids, and suddenly my 20-30 posts a month became 5 and sometimes even less than that. Now that my children are 3 and 1 I want to be able to devote more time towards those things I used to do and remind myself that I’m not JUST a Mom. I’m blogging every day to prove to myself that I can do it, because I enjoy it.

You can find all of the details about Blaugust over on Belghast’ site. There’s also a discord set up to share posts, share ideas, and just generally mingle and get to know your fellow bloggers. Have you never had one before but always wanted to start one? We can help. Need some motivation? Look no further. To help out there is everything from a colourful schedule to a media kit, and I promise, no one bites.

Tour de Fleece – Stage 10

Spinning this silk / merino blend so far has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve had. I’m spinning it from the fold (from the tip) and it’s so easy to control. Really glad I decided to swap things up.

Stage 8 & 9

On Stage 8 I decided enough was enough. I filled a bobbin with rambouillet and then on stage 9 I plyed it, and started on something a lot more fun. I’m really enjoying spinning from the fold.


Ah yes, world of warcraft. When they offered a free mount in exchange for 6 months of game time, I just couldn’t say no, especially since I had a lot of blizzard cash saved up. I returned to the game just as 8.2 released, though I had no idea of it at the time.

I spent a few days doing simple tasks, checking the auction house, trying to earn some money, looking at my characters and wondering what they were supposed to do. I’ve been playing a monk as my main for a few years now, and decided to continue along with that.

I found myself in Nazjatar, with ilevel 350, and in my tank spec I’m pretty over powered. A few quests later, I learned how to upgrade my necklace and I’m sitting at 370 ilevel, with some pretty nice 400 gear. I still only have a vague idea of what I’m supposed to be doing, but it’s fun, and it feels wonderful to be playing again. Even if I spent most of my time doing pet battles.

Stage 7

Tour de Fleece is going well, but I’m getting a bit tired of spinning the rambouillet.. especially because I’m still finding it very difficult.

Stage 6 – Tour de Fleece

At least I’m managing to spin a little bit every day!

Stage 5

I’m frustrated with my spinning today. I attempted to draft my rambouillet but it’s a difficult product, and I need way more experience. Instead I decided to ply my red/white wool of the andes together from knitpicks, and this is what I have left on the bobbin.

TDF Stage 4

Stage 3

I finished spinning the rest of my wool of the andes, and so tomorrow I’m going to ply and then prep the rambouillet for spinning!

TDF Stage 2

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