Sockhead Cowl (3)

Plain knitting is nice and relaxing – but I find it REALLY boring. A short repeat pattern would be easier to knit than this. The pattern is simple – 3″ of ribbing, followed by 12″ of plain knit, and another 3″ of ribbing. Done in the round, this cowl is an alternative to a scarf, and should keep my neck (and chin) warm when the wind blows in winter months. I started it a while ago but haven’t kept up with it, and now I’m trying to focus and get it completed. I have so many other projects I want to work on – but I think finishing off a few WIP is in order first. After this, I want to complete the socks I’ve been slowly working on, and I want to finish off that Silver Bell Sweater eventually. Fighting with the knitting needles isn’t fun (they’re an older pair of knitpicks needles, not nice Chiaogoo or Hiyahiya) but the sweater deserves to be completed and I’m anxious to be able to wear it.

Sockhead Cowl (2)

I have been having a difficult time settling on what I want to knit next, so I decided to take some advice and finish off a few WIP – or at least work on them a bit while I mull over what comes next now that my shawl is complete. I started this project back in November 2020, and intended on having it done for winter, but now it will have to wait until next winter. Sometimes scarves are just not ideal, so I wanted a cowl to wear that would keep me nice and warm. Unfortunately it’s not the most interesting of knits, a lot of ribbed work and then a lot of plain knitting in the ground followed by a whole lot more ribbing. I’m determined to get it done, eventually.

The yarn is single ply chroma from KnitPicks, a bit awkward to knit with but it’s coming along beautifully so far. It will be nice to get this out of my stash.

Happy Easter

I still love having events in video games, even if they replicate real life a lot of the time. This year Wurm Online rewarded premium players with an Easter egg hunt that gave us a new decoration – flowers! They’re lovely.

There were also events going on in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server. I’ve been taking a little break while I play some FFXIV, but I’ll be back to posting about my deed there before too long.

Happy gaming, and happy Easter, no matter where you find yourself.

FFXIV Adventures

I have one job at 80 in FFXIV – and it’s the dancer. Unfortunately, I don’t really ENJOY this class at 80 as much as I thought I would, so I’ve been looking to level up a few other jobs so that I have more options. One that I wanted to try was Archer/Bard. I managed to inch my way to 30, do the class quest to unlock bard, and then I paid for a boost to 70. Zero regrets, this is a fun ranged DPS class that I’m enjoying a great deal.

I’m also leveling up a warrior and an astrologist for a tank / healer option. I’d like to get caught up in the current story before 5.5 releases, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be happening, there’s just so much content (NOT a bad thing by any means, I love that there’s so much for me to do).

I’d also like to reach 80 in a few more crafts, and finish off botany which is my final harvest job that needs 80 yet (I think I’m at 75). My husband is no longer playing with me and that has put a bit of a damper on things, plus my FC fell apart so I have no ‘home’ but I’m still chugging along.

Knitting Goals – April 2021

Completed in March:

  • I actually finished my Stillness shawl! The goal was 90% but I was having such a great time with it I decided to continue on. I’m very proud of it, it turned out beautiful.
  • I did also frog my Silver Bell Sweater – and started re-knitting it once I got past the dropped stitches. I’m using a cord to a set of needles that doesn’t excite me and instead frustrates me because it’s so stiff, so I’ve been looking into get a new set of chiaogoo interchangeables, US sizes 2-15. Being frustrated with my knitting due to the equipment is annoying.

I did not get 1/2 way with my TAAT socks, but I’m still pretty pleased with my progress for March. I also completed a quick little headband using some handspun which is fantastic. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to use that yarn.

Current WIPS:

  • Sockhead Cowl (50%)
  • Scrap Blanket (2%)
  • For the Horde Mitten Liners (0%)
  • TAAT January Sock Club Socks (20%)

April Goals:

  • Complete the TAAT socks
  • 50% completion on the Silver Bell Sweater
  • Two squares on the scrap blanket

I’m not adding anything too intensive as a goal for April, it’s my birthday month and I want to take things slowly, plus give myself time to work on other hobbies. Hopefully I can keep up with the few that I’ve added.

April Gaming Goals – 2021

I didn’t have a lot of gaming goals this time around, but that is probably a good thing because I didn’t even keep up with the ones I had.


  • Did not clear the plot of land I own on Novus – instead I traded this to Moumix, and started Quail Plaza on my main deed on Liberty.
  • I also did not play any Littlewood – though I did pick it up for Switch when it released.


  • Continue to play Divinity Original Sin 2 with the husband. This has been a great evening activity for us, we’ve made it out of Fort Joy, and discovered all sorts of juicy details. I’m having a blast.

April Goals:

  • Finish at least four floors to one building at Quail Plaza. There are three buildings total, I’ll be happy as long as SOME progress is being made.
  • Reach 80 in another class in FFXIV. Whether it’s crafting or adventuring, I want to see some progress!
  • Play an older game from my steam library and try to complete it (hah).
  • Continue past the next chapter in Divinity. I’d love to see me and my husband ‘complete’ this game together.

50s inspired headband

I was looking for a simple knit to use up some of my hand spun yarn – so I made this ‘pin me up’ head band from a pattern over on Ravelry. It’s cute, it used my whole skein, and it was an instant gratification project that I’m pleased with.

Fatter Cat

I absolutely had to get this mount from the shop. My retainer is working at fishing the minion version up, and everything about the duo makes me laugh and smile. Especially the little cat sounds they make when you summon / dismiss.

The Couple that Games Together

Me and my husband met back in EverQuest II many years ago. We lived long distance, so we gamed together. It’s what strengthened our relationship, and while neither of us has the time we used to, we still try really hard to get some game time in together.

These days we’re not playing MMOs together any more – but we’ve started playing Divinity Original Sin II – something I’ve had in my library for some time, but never really put any time towards. So far, it is fantastic. The story is interesting, and there are so many options and secrets and little hidden quirks to find out. We’ve just made our way past the very first chapter, and I can’t wait to see what else there is in store.


I’m honestly not sure what project to pick up next now that I’ve finished my massive shawl (that I adore). It’s blocked and almost ready to wear, I have a few small things to fix (like dropped stitches that I’ve picked up with stitch markers to fix at a later time). I’m thinking it MIGHT be time to bring out the Silver Bell Sweater that I’ve had in time out since December. I could almost stomach fixing it. I think.