Gold Making Goals

For the past four years I have focused on making gold in world of warcraft. I’ve taken breaks (sometimes as long as 6 months) but it has always been the game that I returned to. I’ve obtained most of my previous goals, and so it’s time for some new ones.

The two new goals are not completely ambitious, but are well suited for me as a casual player. They’re long-term goals, that should take roughly a year. That doesn’t mean I won’t accomplish them sooner, but there’s less pressure that way.

Goal number one is to hit gold cap on my alliance side characters. Right now I’m sitting at almost 7 million gold having purchased my brutosaurus and paying for my five accounts with gold – as well as purchasing the epic version of Shadowlands for each account. In other words, I’ve spent a lot of gold.

Goal number two is to hit 5 million gold on my horde side characters. Right now I’ve just crossed into the 1 million gold mark. I have less characters and less set up overall on the horde side, having just recently decided to start playing them. I’m giving myself more than a year to accomplish these goals but because I’ve already got quite a head start, I’m not expecting them to take too long. I like having goals, it gives me a purpose, and I intend on keeping my ultra casual approach to things.

You don’t have to cancel scan every 15 seconds in order to earn enough for a monthly token, and I’m hoping that I can show people that it’s viable to be a smaller goblin and still end up with some pretty big numbers.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Look Ma’ – I joined a village?

Waking Hollow. They started out as my neighbours, but since I’m currently playing a Fo priest main over on Cadence, I decided to give up my deed and join an actual functioning village. I’m pretty sure they think I’m a new player, and I didn’t go into big details about who I actually am, but they gave me a nice warm welcome, and I’m working away building a 3×3 home to use. I haven’t joined a village in a VERY long time, but Wurm is one of those games that IS better with people, so why not.

Since priests can’t improve items, and Fo priests in specific can’t cut down trees or pack dirt, joining a village is a pretty good move. Sure, I could technically survive without doing those things – but what fun would it be?

Hopefully the place doesn’t just fall to pieces now that I’ve joined. We’ll have to see.

Welcome Committee

Found a few visitors at my place when I arrived home from collecting some rare forges. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, at least it wasn’t a dragon…

Running Missions (again)

Just flying around in my caracal trainer. I’m still saving up ore to get my thorax prototype off the ground, but mining has been a bit slow lately.

A Little Spending

My accounts all have shadowlands, game time has been topped up, and what’s the point of just having gold sitting around for no reason! So I decided to get into Hearthstone. I’ve played off and on over the years, but nothing seriously, and I’ve never purchased any of their limited edition packs before. Since I was paying in gold, I didn’t mind in the least.

I bought 4 tokens this week which is why I’m in the red, but sales have actually been pretty steady. I know we’re all eagerly waiting for the 13th and the release of the pre-patch which includes the level squish and all of the crafting changes. I’m not sure if any actual events are going to be taking place (like the supposed zombie invasion) but we’ll see what they have ready, I suppose.

I also finally gained the remainder of the faction I needed to craft the Onyx Panther mount from Pandaria. That one was a long time coming. I just absolutely can’t seem to get into the habit of doing dailies.

Here’s hoping next week brings me back out of the red!

Broken Needles & Dropped Stitches

While working on my rainbow wurm hat for my husband, my shortie knitting needle from KnitPicks broke, and I ended up dropping a whole bunch of stitches. I don’t have a replacement needle right now, so I picked up the stitches as best I could with some DPN, and I’m waiting for some super glue to arrive so I can try to fix the needle myself. I could order an entire new set, but mail takes so long to get here these days that I’m afraid winter would be over before I could even finish the toque.

These things happen, but it was still incredibly frustrating. I decided to cast on a new cowl project in the meantime while I wait for the glue to arrive.

Caracal Trainer

I’m still playing Eve Echoes – the only mobile game I’ve ever really stuck with, but things have slowed way down. I’ve been training towards T7 (78% through at the moment) and still have 340+ hours on that. In the meantime, I’ve been hauling my supplies back home because my NullSec area has gotten busier recently, and it’s not as safe as it once was. I spent the day hauling ore and PI back to my HighSec home, and contemplated what ship I want to fly next. I have blueprints for an Imicus and a Thorax Prototype, so that might be where I go. The trainers are OK beginner ships, but they really don’t compare to ships on that tier.

In the meantime, I’m still farming the 500 ore for 250,000 a few times a day. I can’t really do combat missions that reward that sort of cash, so it’s still the best way for me to stockpile.


A good indication as to what sort of month I’m having is the number of blog posts I make. Month of September? Zero. Any posts that are showing up now I’m postdating to make myself feel better. I’ve been struggling with some major health issues that left me unable to do very much of anything, no knitting, no gaming, and while trying to figure out what the heck was going on, I just have not felt any motivation to do much of anything. Combine that with the new normal of covid, being at an isolated post, and a few other factors, I didn’t get any inspiration for almost the entire month. It sucked.

I’m going to try to work on it this month especially now that it’s cooler and also my favourite time of year. I don’t want to give up on everything I love just because real life is beating me up a bit.

Sock Tubes Completed

These socks were probably one of my fastest knits ever thanks to using my circular sock knitting machine for most of it. I added the cuffs, toes, heels, and that’s it they were ready to go. I will certainly make more socks this way in the future, but I think I prefer using my sock knitting machine to create the heels, they seem to fit a bit better.


I don’t usually do a lot of stockpiling between expansions, even though I know a lot of other goblins do. The biggest thing these days seems to be getting ready for relics in Shadowlands, but with no updates as to when pre-patch is hitting, I’m not even sure that relics will make it in as we know them right now.

They work simple enough. Craft an item, apply a relic to said item, and something changes. When you add relic V to an item the vendor price goes up to its maximum value. It takes time to craft the items, time to craft the relics, time to sell. gold per hour is calculated on all of that.

Right now the most popular crafted goods and relics seem to be linen and copper. I’m stockpiling a little of everything that I find for cheap, but I’m really not going out of my way. The rest is just stuff I’ve had in my banks forever that might actually get some use. I’m not stockpiling sky golems either because I think there will be a huge influx of those as people realize how quickly alts can pick up the recipe and begin their sky golem army. I predict the price will drop. I do have a few in reserve, but no huge amounts. I would rather make my gold from Shadowlands items, but still branch out a bit into the older markets too. We’ll just have to see.