Over 4,000

One of my GW2 goals has always been to get over 5,000 achievement points (AP as they’re called by others in game). This week I finally reached 4,000 – and thanks to a bunch of events in one of the PoF zones, I’m closing in on 4,100 already. There’s no real reason I want to earn these points aside from telling myself “yay, I did it” so I am not sure what the attraction is, but it’s a strong pull and keeps me going when I am not sure what else I want to work on.

Anyone else hunt down achievement points like this?


Since the quest for Skyscale (latest mount) released, I’ve been listening to people in game and on reddit complain about the timegate aspect.

They were complaining about something that took a week to complete. A week. Personally I appreciate the work Anet put into all of this free content they’ve been releasing, and I wish the quest took longer to complete (note, for some people it WILL take longer, it requires currencies from other maps) but the timegating aspect is nothing to be concerned over and certainly did not deserve the fuss that everyone made.

Ascended Axe for the Mesmer

I crafted a lovely new ascended axe for my mesmer – I’ve been using a specialization that is a combination of axe and pistol (greatsword for range) and am absolutely loving it. I feel like my mesmer is pushing out fairly nice dps and she isn’t a glass cannon. A much different feeling than my guardian (who I love to play, but mesmer is probably my favourite class).

I also crafted an ascended backpack – next I’ll be working on a pistol but that requires a restocking of supplies since I am out of some essentials. In the meantime it will be time to work towards my legendary, and obtain ascended gear for the rest of my slots. I have two accessory, but want the rest upgraded too.

There’s no real NEED to upgrade all of this seeing as I do not raid or even do group content (I’d love to, it just never works out) but it’s still nice to have goals to work towards.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Another Mount Bites the Dust

With the help of my wonderful husband, I was able to obtain my jackal mount. It wasn’t a particularly involved process, we needed to have 200 contracts on us (zone currency), along with 20 gold, and complete a heart in an area. I had enough contracts after to also purchase the mini (I’ve been collecting them at a snail pace) and then it took a bit of time to get used to the actual mount, but I think I like it more than my raptor. When you hit the space bar (twice) your jackal turns to sand, allowing you to dash forward. Instead of having only two jump abilities before requiring recharging, you have three by default (no idea if this can be extended with PoF masteries, I haven’t looked into it much yet).

We also progressed our personal stories quite a bit and entered a really neat tomb and then a personal library that was amazing. I spent some time collecting books and I’m just shy of 4,000 achievement points, which don’t really have a meaning but are something that I like to work on and it lets me see some progress in a game that doesn’t really have gear or level increases.

Over all, I’m really enjoying my time in GW2, and of course a huge portion of that is because my husband is managing to find time here and there to play with me. Games without subscriptions are certainly an easier way to go for a busy family. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Completed Ankle Socks

I started these socks May 2018 and didn’t finish the second one (thus completing an actual pair) until April 2019. Sometimes, life just happens – and for me second sock syndrome is a real thing. When I’m dedicated to the task I can finish knitting a single sock within a week, but the second one always takes me months to finish off. I’m still hoping to learn two at a time so I can get socks made faster.

This is the 7th pair of socks I’ve knit, but one pair was for babies, and another pair was absolutely destroyed when I put it through the washing machine (that’ll teach me to machine wash any knit items…)

I’m glad to have these ones finished. I’m not exactly thrilled with the colours, but they’re not horrible (when I purchased the yarn I was expecting something different).

Not feeling the Hype

While it seems like all my friends are ramping up their hype meters for the classic WoW experience that’s coming, I have felt almost the opposite start to take over me. I ended up cancelling my account a few days ago, and I have no desire to beta test or dive in to old world WoW. I’ve already done the legacy thing in EverQuest, EverQuest2, and LoTRO, and I have have to say, the grass is always greener. As soon as I go back I remember why I’m glad that games are fluid and constantly changing. I like the changes and improvement to quality of life.

Doesn’t mean I’m pooping all over those who are hyped, in fact I love to see their enthusiasm, it just means once again I’m feeling a bit left out in the shadows while my enthusiasm wanes.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Map Completion

So far playing GW2 with the husband is working out wonderfully. There’s so much to do, and both of us are enjoying being able to pop in and out of the game randomly between real life. We managed to get him gliding from HoT, and then the first three mounts in PoF (raptor, springer, and skimmer). We progressed the PoF story line a bit, and ran around getting map completion in Crystal Oasis too which was tons of fun.

Next I’m trying to work on some ascended gear for my mesmer. I picked up two accessories today, but I’d love an axe (and eventually, a pistol).

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Not Many at World Events

Whether it’s because of the nicer weather or the fact that folks burned out doing world events last week when there were bonus chests, things sure have slowed down.


Everyone is eagerly waiting for the next living world chapter to release! I love seeing the excitement in Lion’s Arch.

So That’s Not Happening (FFXIV) – Instead? (GW2)

Having 2 young kids is challenging at the best of times. Add in a new province, new job, special needs, and you can find yourself at your wits end. I know, I talk about it a lot here.

The husband and I decided since we’re gamers at heart we want to play something together in the brief moments we have – problem is, depending on the week, sometimes that means no gaming at all. We had originally decided on FFXIV – a game neither of us had gotten very far in. We were excited. We got exactly one day to play together and then his busy season started at work and the kids sleep schedules went all weird and then two weeks had gone by without either of us logging in.

Not that big of a deal when it’s a game you’re not paying for, but FFXIV has a hefty price tag in Canadian dollars, $40 a month for us to not play a game together wasn’t looking appealing.

But we DO want to game together, so where does that leave us?

I made the suggestion of GW2. I have already been playing it fairly steadily on my own, he has a level 80 character, there’s no level cap increase, and all he would need to do is pick up the latest two expansions to be back in the game. We wouldn’t have to worry about a subscription, and if he wanted to toss some money at ArenaNet, that’s what the gem store is for. My concern was whether or not he would be interested. I already know that I am, I’m loving my adventures in Tyria.

Turns out he was game to give it a try. He hasn’t played since the release, and I explained to him how I’m constantly going back into HoT, PoF, and other areas to complete achievements and for other bits and bobs. He was concerned he would be too far behind to catch up. I told him in GW2 that’s not really a noticeable thing. SO for the few times we do have a break here and there, we’ll be exploring GW2. I think this will ease up on a lot of the pressure, but still give us a chance to game together.

I’m pretty dang excited, personally.

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