It’s a lot of.. Death

A Climbing Kitty

I’m not sure that I really play ARK the way it’s supposed to be played, but I certainly have a lot of fun.

Ooblets – Cutest Game Ever

I was originally waiting for this game to release on steam, but instead the company made a deal with Epic and it’s over there on the store for a while. Because anything not on steam is pretty easily out of sight out of mind for me, I forgot it was even a thing – until they released a large update and friends began talking about it again and how much fun they were having.

I decided to buy it on the Epic store, and goodness, is it ever fun. It’s adorable, and perfect in all the ways you’d want a game to be. There’s crafting, harvesting, housing, and just a lot of jokes. Plus you perform a dance off against other ooblets in town – which is a sort of card game. Who wouldn’t love that?! I can’t wait to delve further in.

Halloween Cross Stitch Progress – Day 9

An Elaborate Discord Scam

I was recently the target of an elaborate discord scam – and they almost had me convinced that they were the victims, not the ones doing the scam, but a few things didn’t add up.

How it went down: I got a random message from someone who had 1 server in common with me. They said that someone was impersonating me, and had scammed them out of some Counter Strike GO skins. I said it was a bad idea to give strangers their info, and wished them well. They continued on and insisted that they had more to show me, producing screen shots with someone impersonating my discord, and asking if my steam account was ‘me’ to which of course I said sure it was (because it was).

Eventually I continued on with my ‘Don’t give your info to strangers’ discussion, and they said “well I reported your steam account and now it’s going to get banned!” – and a light bulb flicked on and I realized that they were actually the ones doing the scamming. I told them that was cool and said have a good day. They insisted I be concerned about my account getting banned, I said “you’re cute, I’m not worried.” and then they vanished and stopped talking to me.

I never did get that ban they were talking about, but I did find tons of posts, articles, and comments from people going through the same issue.

Don’t fall for it. As much as I hate blocking every form of interaction out there, sometimes it’s warranted.

Monk Covenant Adventures

I’m back to playing World of Warcraft, and while I haven’t exactly settled on a ‘main’ per say, I have been fun gearing up my monk. She is almost on-par with my demon hunter, and is on chapter 7/9 on her covenant story line. While the DH has gone Kyrian (because pretty much every guide out there for all of my classes suggests Kyrian) the monk has gone Necrolord. At least I’ll have two covenant stories completed .. maybe.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Where Do you Spend your Hours?

With the exception of Dragon Cliff which is an idle game, I don’t think my list of hours surprises anyone. Wurm is in the lead by leaps and bounds, as it should be. ARK is quickly catching up to the remainder of the games, but I don’t see RimWorld being dethroned any time soon – unless Dwarf Fortress releases, then all bets are off.

Weight Loss Update

I’m trying to refrain from posting every day about how the weight loss stuff is going, but I do think that it’s important to talk about. NOT talking about it only encourages me to hide things, and that never works out. I’m trying to be accountable and honest with myself, as well as everyone else.

April 15th I decided it was time to take my health into my hands as much as I could. I want to give my body a better chance to deal with my MS, and that’s really hard when you’re not healthy and you’re carrying around a bunch of extra weight. I decided to start with keto, and as of that date, I’ve lost 26 pounds. Yes, some of that is water weight, but a lot of it is actual fat, too, and I’m pretty happy. There were a few days where it seemed like I had gained back 3-4 pounds in a single day – but I know that can’t be the case.

I’m honest with myself about what I’m eating. I weigh everything, and measure it out. Even if I don’t stay keto (twice I had cheat days because life was just too rough and I couldn’t manage it) I do stay within my calorie count. I know it would be better to continue to eat keto and eat outside of my calorie count on those days, but I just couldn’t handle everything that was going on. Sometimes, life is too much.

Anyway, the point is that I knew I hadn’t eaten an extra 3lbs worth of food, so something else was the cause – like hormones, bloating, PMS. There are a ton of reasons your weight fluctuates throughout a given time frame. Now I’m back on track, back to losing, and I’m really hoping I can obtain my goal of getting below 200lbs before Christmas. It would be a huge win for me, and one I really need. That’s still 24lbs away, so like I said, a long way to go.

I feel confident this time around that I can do it.

Wash cloth 3/9

I’ve now finished 3/9 of the wash cloths that I had decided to knit, and I’ve finished off the colour I was working with. I have two more colours and 6 more to go before the set for the family is done, and I’m really excited about it. It was time we replaced the ones we had (I think we were using baby face cloths that we got when the kids were born) and I might even knit up some tea towels for the kitchen eventually, we’ll see.


Moumix excitedly told me he had an otter for me to tame in ARK where we’ve been playing with a small group of friends – and then he dropped THIS monstrosity into a 1×1 house.

Granted, it’s not completely useless, it has a ‘popcorn aura’ that encourages other dinosaurs to become hungry more often, making them the perfect taming companion, but it was definitely not the cute little otter I was expecting.