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We started with 7 – and now we’re up to 116 Dwarves living in the fortress. Some interesting things have transpired and I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to cope with each situation.

First, if you’re not using the sound pack that comes with the lazy newbie pack I highly recommend it because you can hear when things are happening even if you can’t see it because it’s on a different layer. My game pauses and I can typically figure out what’s going on.

Like when Traellan was taken over by a mood. It could be good or bad. He became inspired (so to speak) and had a deep desire to create a masterpiece. Except I didn’t have all of the pieces he required, so he was going to go insane and probably destroy my whole base.

I ended up locking him in his room, and he has been “missing” for a while now. I’m making sure the dwarves don’t go in so they don’t find the corpse and get upset over it. I think it’s working.

I learned how to designate rooms. I have proper bedrooms now. A dining area. A hospital (that no one uses yet). I learned how to mark animals for slaughter after our second winter which was really important because they were running out of food. They’re getting water from some place, but I have no idea where. I have not figured out farming yet at all. I have a mayor now (yay) but also (boo) because they want a huge amount of fancy things that I just can’t seem to supply them. They also mandated that we make catapult parts.

Why? Who knows, they’re the mayor and that’s all that matters.

I dug down a few layers of earth to create stock piles and zones and workbenches but I like being able to see everything all on one level. The elves are visiting right now, I’m wondering why they’re ignoring all of the trees that I cut down that are surrounding my trade depot area…

I do have one possessed dwarf who will probably go insane and finish off this rendition of the base because he wants too many items for his masterpiece that I can’t supply (or figure out). That’s OK, I think soon I will be ready for another attempt, and my second fortress will be bigger and badder than the previous rendition. I’m honestly surprised I’ve lasted this long.

Getting Stuff Done in Dwarf Fortress

I haven’t managed to watch any more videos on Dwarf Fortress to learn my way around, but I did spend some time navigating menus in order to solve a few simple mysteries. I know how to read the history or thoughts of my dwarves who are actually complex beings with long life stories. Some have dreams of starting a family, others are materialistic and want to own things. All of them enjoy drinking and get angry if they don’t use cups. Go figure.

I also managed to figure out how to create craft stations. I have a carpenter area, some stills for brewing, and a kitchen. I learned how to assign tasks to those areas, and then realized all of the food we had harvested was rotten so meals couldn’t actually be made.

I did make some beds, and doors! My dwarves now have bedrooms. Some more extravagant than others as I had no idea what I was doing when I was learning to mine and create all this. Whewps.

I learned refuse should go outside, and cats kill a lot of critters in your base. I created zones for certain things, and stockpiles for other certain things. I learned to read the red messages in TINY font at the bottom of the screen to see what is going on when someone freaks out, and that if you look REALLY close, you can see everything happening, but it happens REALLY fast.

Now that I’m getting into the game a bit more I’m absolutely loving it. Of course this is still very much scratching the surface of the game. I’m playing on an easier path with pre-determined stats so I can learn and figure things out. Aside from rats and hamsters, no one has died. I am afraid the elves are not a fan of me because I cut down a LOT of trees, but it hasn’t become an issue.. yet.

A Handful of Sales

I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to sell since the release of BFA. I was rolling in money just before the expansion came out. Transmog was slow but steady, crafted was OK, and I was able to pick up a number of great items to flip.

Since the release my luck has fallen and I find it much more difficult. Whether it’s because I’m not playing WoW quite as much (possibly) or because the market has shifted and left me behind (probably) I’m not sure, but I am curious to find out what does actually sell on my small low population roleplay server.

So far crafted goods are still doing pretty well, especially BFA craft materials. The problem is I actually need to log in and farm said materials in order to sell them, or find some items to flip.

Either way, slow and steady is the way I’ll win this 5 million gold race (with myself). Making 13k a day is my minimum to surpass 5 million in 365 – a goal that’s still very much obtainable.

Priestpalooza Update

I’ve been running an event at my deed on the Sklotopolis Wurm Unlimited server since Saturday, trying to help people reach 100 faith before the next update comes out. How it works is every 30 minutes someone can hold a sermon, and for every listener you’ll gain .02 faith. Then your individual character is on a 3h count down before you can sermon again.

The goal is to get a large number of listeners so that the faith gains are as big as possible. When you pray at skill level 90+ your gains are close to nothing. An example? My gains are currently .0010 so getting to 100 is almost impossible (you can only pray every 20 minutes to up your gains) without doing sermons.

We’ve had 6 people reach 100 skill so far, and I expect our grand total Saturday should reach at least 10 total. That’s wonderful, I’m very pleased with the turn out and the effort that everyone has put in. We’re using a google sheet to track the sermons, who goes when and next. It automatically updates columns with a time stamp based on when you post your faith gain, so it’s pretty hands off and an amazing bit of script work from two members of our server. One with the original page for tracking and another for the added automation.

I’ve been pretty stressed out hosting people all week long. Doing sermons is boring, but you wan’t listeners. Because it’s on my personal deed I haven’t given permission to people all willy nilly and I’ve only allowed a few things. I’ve supplied food and drink, and the GMs came by and dropped a julbord for food. I supplied fishing rods so people can raise up some skill, and gave advice on spell casting and stuff like that.

Still, a week straight is a LONG time to host an event that runs 24/7 – as much as I love my server and my new room mates, I’ll be even more glad for the quiet once the event is over.

Presented without Comment

Health Challenge Update

I was expecting to do a weigh in this week, but then lady stuff happened and as all ladies know this causes massive bloating and water retention so I decided instead of getting depressed at the scale, I’d check another time. There’s just no use in beating myself up.

The challenge for January has been no fast food (no take out). I’m on day 16 (doing this with my husband) and so far we haven’t had any. On bad days it’s especially difficult because we both crave the comfort and ease that fast food brings. I don’t exactly have a lot of spare energy and meal planing isn’t high up on my list of must-do’s. Last I checked I was down 4lbs, and that’s a good start (all water weight I’m sure). Next month the challenge is no pop/chips/candy and hopefully also carrying over the no take out food habits that I learned from this month. It just won’t be a steady rule.

I also started wearing my fitbit again. I have a Charge HR (though I’d like to save up for one of the newer models) and I’ll admit that I’m less curious about my daily steps and more curious about my heart rate and sleep habits. I get on average 5-6 hours of sleep a night, problem is none of those hours is more than 1h long because I’m constantly waking up to nurse, deal with kids, or just insomnia. Not fun. My heart rate is pretty good, resting at 72 (spikes at 74 on some stressful days) which is above average for my age group. It used to be much higher when I weighed more.

My steps average 2500 a day, some days are over and some are under. I don’t really care about how many steps I take because fitbit can’t see that 90% of those steps are with me carrying my 6 month old, or hauling the 2 year old around or playing with both of them, cleaning, carrying laundry, doing dishes, that sort of stuff. It’s just a good approximation. Sure, I’d love to get in the 10,000 steps a day that is recommended – but it’s -35C outside and I’m not keen on taking my children out in that, so we do what we can.

Do I feel healthier? Not yet. Not especially. I feel pretty tired and worn out, but that seems to be my new norm. I guess we’ll just have to see the scale next week.

I Forgot to take a Screenshot

Friday night members of Kamikaze Runners & The Wombattery got together in Guild Wars 2 to attempt a guild puzzle (I forget what they’re actually called) – it would be our second (I think) attempt at this one. The first time we did it I was AFK the entire time at the entrance to the zone and completely useless. I’m not sure I was any more useful this time around BUT we did complete it!

It was a series of puzzles that needed to be solved, and my favourite part is when we had to open a curtain and then emote whatever it was we saw pictured behind it. Then we had X amount of time to run up and do mini jumping puzzles to another curtain where we had to emote what we had below, up top. Confusing?! YES! Especially with 7 people. It was a LOT of fun though and I’m really glad I was able to go.

I didn’t get to hang out for long but I am glad we managed to complete a guild event. Hopefully I can keep attending on Friday nights at least while my husband is off on paternity leave.

Priestpalooza Begins

With today marking the official start of Priestpalooza, I was both nervous and excited. I’ve never hosted a server event before (well, I hosted Secret Santa, but that was different) and I certainly haven’t had a huge gathering of people on my deed before. I wanted to provide food, drink, and a little bit of entertainment (fishing) for people between sermons.

We also set up a sign-in sheet where people could put down their names for sermons. They happen every 30 minutes, with each priest being able to sermon every 3 hours. When a lot of priests show up you want to make sure everyone can get a turn or two throughout the day.

So far everything is going pretty well. People are taking turns, most are around for when they signed up, and it’s smooth sailing. The stress I feel is something that is probably not necessary at all, but my anxiety ridden self doesn’t know of any other way to cope. GMs came by and dropped a julboard making it even easier for players to eat (and prevent disease). Gains were as high as .96 today – an amazing feat when you’re in the 90’s for faith.

Overall I’m pretty glad I decided to run the event, and I’m already looking forward to planning something new for February. My goal is to plan one “event” each month for the server of Sklotopolis. December was the Secret Santa, January is the Priestpalooza, and who knows what’s just around the corner. Something that doesn’t involve quite as much work, but is still really fun. Maybe some sort of play on Valentine’s Day. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Very Slow Start to 5 Million Gold

I said I was going to be pretty casual about earning my 5 million gold, but I didn’t expect to be QUITE this casual. We’re 12 days in to my 365 days to 5 million gold, and I’ve only earned 23,000 gold. There’s a pretty good reason for that, and it’s simply because I haven’t been playing WoW nearly that much. I haven’t been logging in to restock my market, I haven’t been crafting, I’ve basically just been logging in twice a week to re-set things and even then it has been a halfhearted attempt because I’ve had other real life things on the go.

Thankfully I do have a 1.5 million gold head start. That means even I earn nothing, I should still (hopefully) be ahead the 322,000 gold I “need” by the end of January. As long as I’m staying ahead of the curve, I feel pretty good about things. The problem is if every month is like January eventually that will catch up with me, and I’ll be behind.

What I’d like to do is get back into some farming and crafting. Maybe pick up some pets to sell on the AH. Ultra casual methods that won’t require a lot of time, but should leave me with a little bit more profit than I’m seeing when I do absolutely nothing (lol, funny how that works).

Lets see if we can pick it up the rest of January and February!

Failing (sort of)

I had every intention on following through with my schedule of games – but then life happened. A few stressful days, a lack of sleep, and suddenly I didn’t want to play whatever I had schedule. That’s perfectly OK. The schedule is meant as guidance, and if I don’t need that guidance or it needs to change and adjust for xyz reason, it’s not a rule that’s set in stone.

I WILL keep making the weekly schedules for gaming, just so that I have a plan when / if I need it. Then I’m not spending hours trying to decide what to play, I can just look at what I’ve scheduled. If I follow it, great, if I don’t, that’s great too.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. We need to not stress out about really simple things, and we need to realize that we are human. Our schedules are evolving flexible timetables. Learning how to be flexible like that has been really hard for me, especially once we had kids.

What have I been up to? In Wurm Online I’ve currently deeded on the Deliverance server. I’m setting up in an area that has seen many owners in the past, but I’m eager to make it my home. I’ve pre-built portions of the deed on DeedPlanner where I can customize the buildings and land to suit my needs, then have an idea of what supplies I require. So far it’s just a bunch of fields and one house, but I’m pretty excited. The house is a more ‘out there’ plan than my usual ones. I’m try not to make square buildings quite as much. It includes stairs and a bridge, a tower, different wall components. I’m eager to get this one built.

In Wurm Unlimited I’m hostly Priestpalooza next week and so I’ve been preparing for that. Food, drink, extra statuettes, making sure permissions are set properly. All that good stuff.

In Dwarf Fortress I’ve been watching tutorials on picking a place to live. I still haven’t actually PLAYED the game yet. Well, that’s not entirely true, I tried and was overwhelmed so I went back to the tutorials.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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