Stargrace goes soul shredding, and it’s the end of the world

The above image is Stargrace on her carpet, running through the Feerrott. She’s not actually standing on anything besides the regular ground… when suddenly the backdrop disappeared and was replaced by the night time sky…. so it looks as though she was literally running off of the edge of the world and into the sky. Of course once I passed through the regular backdrop of the Feerrott came back, but it was amusing none the less.

My two ‘mains’ have joined a new home, a semi-casual friendly guild where I can raid if I feel so inclined, but am not pressured to raid. 4 days a week, nights, so it doesn’t interfere with any of my real life schedule. No Saturdays or Sundays which I love. Monday we raided HoS and also did a fast two group courts run for status. I love that little raid what a great way to gear up some alts. I had wanted to bring the coercer, unfortunately not enough healers were around so I brought the warden. Coercer also managed to get level 65 (finally) last night, after solo’ing on gazer island in TT. The mobs were green and blue solo, so I would charm one, and run around the back portion of the island gathering provisioning supplies, I was almost completely out. By the end of the night, 15% exp later, I had dinged 65, made a few gold, and had my bags completely full of supplies which was very pleasing. Xegonberry is not even for sale on the evil side, and I had none. Of course almost every single recipe I have uses it.

Stargrace also finished off the soul shredding quest from the Cave of Fear in the Feerrott. I learned a very valuable lesson doing that quest, and it also explained why Silverstep had some difficulties. The first two times I tried to shred souls in Maj’Dul, I was promptly agro’d and had no clue why. Could the shredder be resisted? I scrolled back to my combat window, which I typically only have up on raids. Low and behold. shredding souls counts as a hostile action, and a good portion of my coercers gear has random damage proc’s that go off if you perform a hostile action. So every time I used the blasted thing I had a 50% chance of one of my random damage spells going off and smacking the mob I was trying to steal souls from. Lesson learned, which is why in the screen shot, Stargrace is running around Freeport naked, insuring that none of her gear would ‘accidentally’ proc on one of those nice red epicx4 guards.

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