Customer service not all that bad, and the village of shin

Qutey Patootie, listening to the monks in the village of Shin

In July I sort of went on a deleting spree, I removed all of my characters except my warden, at the time, that was the 64 coercer, the 61 templar, a 44 assassin and some other smaller alts who tradeskilled. I’ll admit righ tnow, it was a pretty stupid thing to do. I petitioned the next day, and managed to have the coercer returned to me, but was told there was nothing I could do about the others.

A week after that, I petitioned again and asked if I couldn’t have one returned, and again I was told no. I was sort of upset and expressed this displeasure at the GM who was talking to me, and left it at that. Recently I decided I’d give it one last shot, after all I pay to play this game monthly, I’ve had my account since the game came out and am in good standings, why not. So I petitioned, 10 minutes later had a reply, and the GM said they would help me, but not to expect them to do it again in the future (trust me, I learned my lesson about deleting characters that have some value to me). So I had my 61 templar Qutey returned to me. I was quite pleased, and pleasantly surprised. The customer service was prompt, friendly, and actually helped me out even though I’d been told no twice before.

A lot of people have issues with SoE’s customer service (or lack there of), but every time I’ve ever had to deal with them, be it by phone or petition, they’ve been friendly and prompt, so long as I was polite to them in return. I really can’t complain.

So now that I have Qutey back, I’m realizing just how behind in everything she is. Gear, spells, and ap’s. Sitting at uh, 7 right now actually, LOL. Since I have the 70 warden and 65 coercer, this is just another alt to add to the list, and she’s also completely broke since she’s sitting on a different server then my other two. It’s still nice to have the character back.

Last night was a lyceum raid, it went really well, we wiped once because the mez’d adds were broken and pummeled us, especially healers. On the final mob we got him to 18%, and would have actually killed him were it not for the fact that it was getting late and about 5 people had to leave, including some essential healers. The night before was Vyemm, and that just ended up being a mess by the end. We managed to get to him no issues at all, quick and no wipes, but as we fought him for some stupid reason he kept getting stuck into the ceiling. While you can still attack him from this position, you MUST be positioned underneath him in order to avoid a magic aoe, and we had no target ring to see where he was so that we could position ourselves. I think Silverstep died about 14x on that raid. Ouch.

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