A Plan for Silverstep

(( For those who never read, Silverstep attempted to kill herself a little while ago when I was going to leave Eq2, but we all know that never works out and I needed an rp excuse to have her alive, her last rp ended as someone rushed into her house, screaming her name. This is the aftermath of that. More will follow as I plan it out ))

The voices were hushed and Silverstep could barely make them out with the ringing in her ears, she remembered nothing that would have caused the thumping she felt. Even the insides of her eyelids seemed to ooze with pain, and so she lay where ever she was, and listened.

“Why are we doing this again?” Came a cool smooth voice, male from what Silverstep could decipher. “I see nothing in this for me, your “God” may want this woman to live, but again, I ask what exactly do we gain from it? Besides some sniveling woman who is too far out of it right now to be of any use to anyone let alone the burning prince himself!” The voice rose at the end, and Silverstep tried not to wince as it echoed through her head reverberating against her temple.

“My.. Lord…” Hissed a softer voice, one that sparked no memories, “This woman.. sshe iss needed. That iss all you need to know. You agreed to the tassk. You ssaved her from death.. brought her back here to me.. that iss all you were hired to do. All that was required of you. You have no right nor authority to quesstion anything further.. ” There was the sound of papers shuffling along some sort of object, and the distinct clinking of coin hitting against each other. “I asssume, that thiss will be ssuficient funding for you?” Silverstep could almost hear the sneer that followed the comment.

“Indeed.” Came the curt reply.

“Then leavess the resst to me, and be on your way,” the dismissal was apparent to Silverstep even as she lay there in her partially conscience state. She tried to remember what had happened, what she had been doing, why her head felt as though it wanted to explode, and came up with nothing. No thoughts or memories of the last few hours. She could remember where she lived, her name, her family (or lack of one) but nothing more at that moment.

Footsteps approached her and she tried to open her eyes to no avail, a heavy cloth covered them, protecting them from a heavy light source. She tried to open her mouth and squeak out a word, anything, to let her captors know she was awake, but failed miserably and lay there trying to keep a grasp on reality before the pit of blackness swallowed her up again.

“Yess…” whispered the soft voice again, “you will do well, girl. You will sserve the burning prince jusst fine..” Something wet was pressed against her lips, and the blackness came to swallow her once more.

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