Home sweet home – 3 room home in South Qeynos

Some new screen shots of Silverstep’s house, I moved her from a 5 room in Freeport, to a three room in Qeynos. I really wasn’t interested in paying the 30,000 status a week any more upkeep and wanted more room for books. A little more controlled, I’m loving it.

A view of the kitchen, and bar, shelving along the far right hand side, my everlasting keg and everling idol on the left, a glass bottle with a ship inside of it beside that.

The weapon wall, I love this corner of my house. I have a few more L&L to complete and the wall will be up to date.

The dining area, a few fancy paintings and a vase on the table, nothing too busy.

My indoor spa, upstairs in the bedroom, a small bath and soft candles to add a romantic flair to the section of the house.

The other section of the bedroom, with my artists corner, the night stand, and part of the bed. The three room house may not be as large as the 5 room, but that doesn’t make it any more drab. I have about 100 more books to add to it, maybe even more. I’m hoping to start completing those one at a time.

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