EoF is here, and .. wow..

No pictures to post quite yet as the last 24 hours in game at least has been a whirlwind of quests, discovery, more quests, shinies, and various other tid bits. So here is my first general impressions since the expansion has gone live, and what I think.

New Tunaria.. is.. oh my goodness. SO beautiful. It is perhaps the most beautiful zone I have ever seen before. I love it. Granted, the mobs in the zone don’t like me, nor me them, but uh it’s still so pretty. Expect some screen shots to follow.

Quests. Are EVERYWHERE. A few that I’ve started, two signature quests, a few new heritage quests, my deity quest for Tunare (I’ll have to do some fancy rp’ing to wiggle Silverstep into that one since I had every intention of going the Sol Ro rout until I found out Tunare rewards). Learned the new fae language, and have yet to make a fae. Lots to do.

Lesser Faydark horse stables ROCK. These are like griffin flight paths, but instead you mount up on a horse and take off across the zone. SO MUCH FUN! Spent some time having Faydai mentored as well and farmed some named in Steamfont, which brought back so many memories.

Klak’anon hurts at level 49!

The expansion was up ahead of schedule, there was no down time at all last night, and while they are understandably patching this morning, it seems to have gone off without a hitch. I still have not created my fae character yet, but that’ll come today perhaps. I’ve decided to go with a ranger. Other random tid bits.. they’ve combined the markets, not sure I care for that quite yet, means a LOT more competition between players. Tinkering, fun! Transmuting.. EXPENSIVE. More thoughts once I’ve slowed down some. Prayed to my Tunare alter and stocked up on God status points. Miracles inc!

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