Signature Quest – Corruption of the Faydark ; Ivy-Shrouded Orb of Tunare

Server discovery on Lucan D’Lere

I stumbled upon Arloona in Lesser Faydark, who hangs out around the great tree, in Tunare’s section. A priestess who rambled on about shards, who I barely paid attention to at first. Finding myself bored one day, I attempted to complete this signature quest, which was.. very.. frustrating with no walk throughs. I appreciate the work everyone else does much more now.

There are 9 quests to this signature quest, each one fairly easy — if — you know where to go for your updates. A lot of it is running around talking to various npc. The 9 quests are:

Corruption of the Faydark, Making it Manifest, A Champion of the Koada’Dal, Aquiring the Second Frag, An Evening Jaunt, Tracking Down the Necromancer, A Small Testament, A Predestined Fate, The Hidden Crystal.

I’m not going to post a walk through here, but if you do have questions about it, feel free to /tell Lucan_DLere.silverstep and you’ll more then likely find me in game, I can answer questions if there are any. A HUGE thank you to my guild mates and friends who helped me out with this quest, I know you guys must have been tired of hearing me looking for a Satyr.. (who is behind a rock in the Thexian camp for those who can’t seem to find him either! You’ll know what I mean!)

I’m up to 64aa now, and settling into the expansion a little more. Still lots to do, lots to update, but for now, this will do.

Silverstep, wearing her new signature quest item! Ooh it glows!

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