Frostfell is here.. and.. food.. fireplaces, quests! Snowglobes! *squeels*



After a 5 hour patch (ew) Frostfell is here… and while there are plenty out there complaining and upset over the festivities (why is this in here when there are bigger bugs in game and so on and so forth) I for one, was exceptionally happy. Mostly because 90% of Frostfell activities and quests revolve around house items. I spent about 8 hours in the Frostfell zone harvesting my little heart out and creating festive items for my house, including the fine table set above. I made some for friends, and made some extra to stash away in my house vaults for a later time. Besides the items in the zone you could craft (food, clothes, bows, ribbons, presents, snowmen, weapons, and various other items), you could also quest for a Christmas tree. The following quests gave you a wreath, and an option to light that tree with about 10 different options. Something I found to be absolutely fantastic.

Silverstep, surrounded by Frostfell goodies!

The fire places also come with different settings to light the logs. I know a lot of carpenters are upset that they’re not a permanent recipe and require special Frostfell items to craft them (as well as machines) but they’re going to be exceptionally sought after and rare that way. The wreath hangs on the wall nicely, and my girls are decked out in their holiday finest. It may be silly, but gawd for a person who adores the house items such as myself, it was wonderful. I also quested for a book and a cloak, though the cloak is slightly.. disappointing. It’s baby blue with white snow flake trim.. looks like Pepsi sponsored the event. I spoke with the giftgiver, and received a snow globe of fallen dynasty for one character, as well as a frostfell snow globe on the other character. I’ve been trying to get both my “mains” the items for their homes to spruce them up a little. No fun if I just do it on one character!

Silverstep, lighting her Christmas tree!

On the down side, each instance for the new Frostfell goodies seems to be jam packed with people stepping on each other to harvest the nodes of goodies required to make the house items, and of course there’s price gouging galore with fireplaces selling on average for 14p on Lucan D’Lere, when it costs 24c to make the item to begin with. Hence why I made enough for myself, my friends, and then got out of the zones, letting the other people bicker with one another. Though I will be back for my one present a day! The snow globes also play music, which I find adorable. A job well done, even if it is missing one event at the moment and there was plenty of other stuff that could have been worked on. In the patch there were also some unrest files downloaded, an EoF instance that never made it in at release, supposedly it’s incoming GU (game update) 32, in February. Looking forward to that one.

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