Eek! I’ve Been Tagged! Five Things About Me

Thanks to Saylah I’ve been tagged to share “five things you didn’t know about me”… wow, a difficult list to come up with, particularly since I’m… boring? Yeah that’s the word I was looking for, it nails me dead on.

1. Lived in Germany for 5 years – That’s right, I was a military brat (as the term goes) for the better portion of my childhood. I lived in Germany on the Canadian military base for five years, from when I was 7-12. I was there for the fall of the Berlin wall, and the gulf war (which was scarey). I miss portions of it, like the castles. I don’t miss moving around though.

2. Am a lefty – And the only one in my entire family and extended family except for my great grandmother who passed away, and my younger brother (who of course takes after me in some ways, artistically and the fact that we both hate to wear socks).

3. Favorite artist is Salvador Dali – I love his work. I have a calendar of it hanging close to my desk, and could spend hours lost in his work. If you’re familiar with any of it, you probably think it’s pretty messed up stuff. Maybe it is, but that’s just a portion of the charm!

4. Won an award in highschool for a class I never took – Hah, talk about luck of the draw. I took photography (which I adored) in high school, and took the grade 11 course for it. When graduation rolled around and awards were being handed out, they called my name for the grade 12 course that I had never taken (it was on-going while I had co-op and was teaching grade 12 art at the time). Imagine my surprise! My photography teacher whispered to me “I know you didn’t take the class, but you were most deserving of it”, as I was handed a huge trophy and a plaque. I guess the grade 11 class wasn’t an option for graduation rewards.

5. Dj’d for the sims online – When the sims online first came out, I was hooked (it grew boring fast though). I started Dj’ing for players on an online radio station for a few hours every day using a program called Sam2, it was awsome, I had an incredible time doing it, playing and talking to the listeners, I went by the name Lisa Love, and had anywhere from 100-500 listeners at any one time. I only did it for a month or two, but the experience of it I won’t soon forget.


Now that I’ve done my 5, I’m tagging Mrrx, and Wilhelm2451 Have fun ;)

3 Responses to Eek! I’ve Been Tagged! Five Things About Me

  1. Lishian says:

    Holy crap! You were in Germany the same timeframe that I was! I was a soldier though, stationed in Mannheim.

  2. wilhelm2451 says:

    Whee! I’ve been tagged! My existence has been validated!

    Hrmm, now what to write?

  3. Saylah says:

    Okay, I was thorougly enjoying the list – laughing and Oh-ing over Germany. I’d love to live in Europe for a year or two just to soak in the culture and visit the castles.

    But what really blew my socks of was TSO!!! OMFG, I LOVE The Sims. I wanted Will Wright to be my baby’s daddy. Well, not really but I do love that game. I’m so sad that they didn’t really translate the game very well into a thriving MMO. My girlfriends and I still shed a tear whenever we think about what could have been as a Sim in a virtual world. Wow – just WOW!

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