Mayer Mayong says a painful hello

Stargrace standing in front of Mayong Mistmoore, in Inner Sanctum

A good weekend of raids so far. With a few blips of course. Friday night we headed to clockwork, took down the crazed mecha dragon with no issues, headed to Chel’Drak (which is by far one of my favorite fights) who we downed first shot, then we headed to Freethinkers Hideout, where things started to fall apart slightly. Downed one name with no issue and then two healers had to leave. That’s never fun. So after a few more attempts we called it a night, and I continued on my way working the “To Speak as a Dragon” quest line that I’ve been exceptionally lax on doing.

Saturday’s raid consisted of Inner Sanctum. Another zone I like quite a bit. The zone itself is a challenge, though it’s quite easy to kill the named in there – up to the final boss Mayong Mistmoore, who we’ve yet to down. We did get three pieces of class gear though, and I walked away with the little pretty pictured below

A item that’s clearly an enchanter one, since the majority of our spells are mental and magic and all that good stuff. Now I just need to find a pretty adornment for it. Apparently we may be getting some cross server transfers as well, that’ll be interesting. A guardian, dirge, and wizard from unrest came by the server looking for a raiding guild. I’m not sure we actually needed any of those classes, though maybe Jraxl (our current main tank / guild leader) is looking for a back up (we only have him as a guardian, though our shadowknights and bruisers can also tank quite well) and of course a lot of the time no wizards are around, though our dirge is exceptionally regular, the other dirge.. is not quite as regular. Anyhow, enough rambling from me for now, we’ll just have to see how it goes. I think the plan today is to head to Emerald Halls.

4 Responses to Mayer Mayong says a painful hello

  1. Gothun says:

    Ah, okay. So it is better to have the resists anyways, so you don’t end up slapping yourself with your own spell. That makes sense.

  2. stargrace says:

    It’s pretty fun MrrX, but has it’s downsides of course. The organization for the raids doesn’t take that much time any more, but well, that’s what being a raiding guild is about, we raid every mon-wed-fri-sat-sun, at regular times, and we’re all expected to be there. Unless it’s for contested of course in which case we just run (grins)

    As far as resists go – There are hardly any encounters that use mental resists – if you’re talking about that symbol I looted, it boosts the damage of my spells, doesn’t have anything to do with resists. I keep a seperate set of gear / a few pieces for boosting my resists for everything though – because you never know. Specifically poison disease heat and cold. Also, in EoF, where everything is a vampire, the mobs charm and reflect, having higher resists when they perform those actions is a life saver in most cases ;)

  3. Gothun says:

    I heard somewhere that there aren’t many mobs in the game that use mental spells, so is it okay to go around without mental resists? I mean, I know it’s better to prepared for anything, but if hardly anything uses it, then why worry about it?

  4. MrrX says:

    Sounds like you’re enjoying the raiding life. It’s a lot of fun to actually do the fights (I took out Meathooks last night) it’s the organizing that takes forever.

    And strangely enough I actually also progressed To Speak as a Dragon last night.

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