Mark of the Awakened (third time’s the charm)

Dasie frantically beating away at the Droag for MoA

Learning the raid strats for EH (emerald halls) has been challenging to say the least. Three hours on a single named encounter. Learned a lot though. When you zone into EH you have the chance to have a few random named up at the time, other times you’ll zone in and they won’t be there. So it was fun to see something new at least. Went to Deathtoll after that, but I was feeling slightly under the weather after 5 hours of raids, so I called it early. Deathtoll is a stroll in the park now anyhow and doesn’t require a full raid force any more.

TK is apparently going to be making a quick MoA run (the final quest is a x4 raid) for a few members who need it, so I figured I should get Dasie (my level 70 templar) caught up to that point. I’d already completed the major parts except for the solo trial. I was level 65 at the time, and any one who has ever played a templar knows they are not the most dps efficient of characters. The solo trial was impossible for me to beat at that time. It was a whole different story at level 70 though. I stocked up on some thornskin potions just for some extra dps, slapped yaulp on, and a 2handed weapon, and mashed away until everything finally died. I remember doing the quest with my warden, as well as my (at the time) coercer. So this’ll be the third time I’ve gotten my MoA for a character of mine. It’s a pretty significant piece of gear and I remember how pleased I was the first time I got it.

I was thinking back to the last time I was really impressed with an encounter and a guild kill, the last time I was so very excited and happy about raiding and the game in general, and I pin pointed it to the first time TK took down Chel’Drak, I screamed in the teamspeak channel when we did, lol. I also won a pair of the druid boots that night. I’m not sure what the game seems to be lacking lately, maybe (probably) it’s just me. Raid schedule’s changed a little bit, fri-sat-sun-mon and wed are the new days, instead of tue-wed. Makes for a long run, fun none the less.

Today – hopefully I’ll get Faydai a few more sage levels, at least two. I’d love to quest some more with Stargrace as well, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably dip into warcraft today as well.

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  1. Gothun says:

    The third MOA trail is the funnest thing to do in the game, I think. You get to fly around as a dragon and slap stuff around. Who wouldn’t like that? But as I see in the screenshot, you have your illusion forms turned off. Well, that’s no fun. =P

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