Mr. Steamsworth feels the burn

Some times, you’re just glad you follow sol ro

Actually got some quests done yesterday that I’d wanted to do for a while. One of them in Lesser Faydark had me kill a level 67^^^ who came with a 67^^ and that means, they were blue to me. Now, I’m a cloth caster, without masters of my pets or nukes. Wearing a few fabled pieces but a lot of treasured. So of course I had my doubts. I mez’d the ^^ and decided to take down the ^^^ first because I figured he’d update my quest (I was wrong about that as it turned out, I needed to defeat both and loot a shovel they dropped). I was very thankful I follow sol ro. Not only do I wear a cloak that gives me +65 damage to all of my spells, but I also get a miracle called incinerate. It does (with my current intelligence) 17,000 damage or so. Of course as you can see from the picture above, it can also crit. That’s on a mob with no debuffs. Toss it on a raid mob and it’s hittting anywhere from 28,000-32,000. If I had any heat based spells sol ro has a better miracle I’d have chosen (I have it on my fury, who can crit for about 45,000 or so) but for now, that’s not bad at all.

I keep my God happy by feeding a few pieces of spare gear to them every day, and those blessings and miracles don’t only come in handy on raids, but for my every day adventuring where I need a sudden boost of dps in order to win a particularly tricky encounter that I shouldn’t be soloing (but I am).

I finally completed my poets palace access. I’ve never needed it, I farm the zone with friends and haven’t ventured in solo yet on my illusionist. I wanted it mostly because the house reward is a carpet that ports you to the citadel (convenience is great!) and to up my very small quest count of course. I also did the access to ToS (Tower of the Sky, it’s an epic instance in shimmering citadel, and completing that zone gives you a scale, that lets you inside of the Djinn master’s prism, another raid zone with one hell of a script to run through). no house item for that one though.

Also a huge thank you and shout out to Mrrx, he’s been working on the Ashen Order faction and posting about it, I decided (since I collect titles, it’s a quirk of mine) that I’d go after “The Jade Tiger” title, and am now sporting it. Slightly annoying to get simply because I was at -20,000 faction with the order to begin with. After raising the faction to +20,000 in the sprawl, I headed over to pillars of flame – where there are large encounters of level 55 heroics that I can aoe madly away at and die in a matter of seconds. It was great. I also made about two plat from all of the stuff they drop after killing 10 groups of these. Each group netted 1,000+ faction each, plus a few quests I did to boost it a little higher. This was the first time I’d actually quested at all in DoF with the illusionist, I pretty much skipped the content in my mad grind to 70. It was nice to start working on it again. I’ll have to work on courts faction one of these days too I think, and there is silent city access I’d like to obtain, and a few other quests (of course I did my carpet quest already, who wouldn’t want a free mount!).

3 Responses to Mr. Steamsworth feels the burn

  1. Gothun says:

    Ooo, wait for me on the Sol Ro quest! I only need..47 levels.. =(

    But anyways, my wizard is a quester too. I noticed you get mad AA when you do certain quests. And I’ve proven it, seeing as my wizard is only level 23 and has 18 AAs already. It’s taking forever to level up like that though, soloing the hard quests is, well, hard.

    Grats on the title, I hope to have it soon as well. =)

  2. Adele Caelia says:

    Congrats! Very busy!

  3. MrrX says:

    Glad you had fun with the Ashen Order. I loved taking on those group of 18 monks, but it left me battered and close to death so I only did it once. Have to try again when my arts are all upgraded in another, oh, 15 AA points.

    Incinerate is awesome, even if I want to dump Sol Ro to do more god quests. If I can only drag enough people to Sol’s Eye so I can finish quest #5 soon…………..

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