The diferances between girls and boys (or, girls rule and boyz drool!)



My computer desk, note the kitty cat desktop!

So, I was looking at the two computer desks in my livingroom. I live on the 11th floor of an apartment building, so there’s really only two choices, put them in the bedroom, or have them in a corner in the livingroom. Taking a look at my desk, well, it’s not the neatest of desks, there’s a bottle of multi-vitamin there, cute teddy bears, some pictures along the top, a candle and pens and pencils in a glass. the ever-present water glass.

Shadowgeist’ desk, just missing the pop cans

Note the WoW desktop (though he plays EQ2 mostly) keys, wallet, cell phone, house phone, boxes of kleenex… nothing as personal or soft as my desk. I have the biggest desk, but he has the brand new monitor (which makes me drool, I’ll admit). So it’s only safe to assume that when it comes to gaming habbits, there are differences. In play style, in attitude, and countless other things. There are times when I tend to be a little more… bloodthirsty, and times when I’m content to sit back and just heal. It’s finding a balance between the gaming styles that makes things work (or not work, as the case may be). Unlike a lot of couples who play MMO’s, we typically don’t play together at all. We’re in the same guild for the first time in five years, I want to craft, quest, and explore, he wants to squish things. I squish too, but at a more.. lady like pace.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out some differences in play style. A small break from the every day MMO comments I post here. I’m heading out to see if there’s any copies of TBC left in Ottawa, I bet $5 there are none, Best Buy’s online merchandise check thing says they’re sold out, Future Shop claims to have some left, so we’ll see!

3 Responses to The diferances between girls and boys (or, girls rule and boyz drool!)

  1. stargrace says:

    Heh I love my mouse with the thumb ball (as you put it.. is that the technical term?) It’s optical and I couldn’t see myself using a mouse another other way… sliding one all over the place by hand is just….. not fun !

  2. MrrX says:

    And how could I forget to note – THUMB BALL MICE RULE !

  3. MrrX says:

    Hmmm – I have collectible coke cans, some odd books, scanner, pens, pencils, papers, and a spot for my keys etc. I have whatever toys the kids put on it for that day as well.

    And I have Boom-Chugga-Lugga on there too, he’s a tiki type toy that came out of a happy meal or something. My daughter didn’t like him and said I could have him, and I love him.

    I can’t post a picture cause my room looks like a bomb went off, because of the computer building activity and the search for parts.

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