Finding that perfect UI

Profit UI, at 1650×1080

Finding a UI that matches your play style is one of the most important things for any gamer I would think. While the default UI may be ‘good enough’, a lot of people are looking for just a little bit more.

So what sort of UI do you use? is just one site of many (and probably the best out there) for displaying different UI’s that people can download. One of the more popular ones is profit. It’s easy to install and pretty bug-free which is always an added bonus. Why profit? Well, there’s a few reasons

  • Hit enter to loot
  • One click cures (noxious, trama, elemental etc)
  • A clear display of character stats (everything from coin, to experience gained, to general stats such as strength and resists)
  • Everything on the UI can be moved / re-sized to your liking
  • Add / remove as many hotbars as you want and display them however you want
  • Smooth and clean feeling

Since I upgraded my monitor, I had to change the resolution to the two MMO’s I play. This gave me a huge amount of extra space in the UI, I love it. I added four chat window’s to profit along the bottom, one for guild / say / group / yell and general messages like motd’s and down time (which I pay attention to the most) and then to the right of that, my dps window to watch what’s hitting me and for how much, then my hotbars, to the right of them another window for channels like 60-60 and Qeynos_Crafting, to the right of that, NPC says and tells so I can read the lore behind quests without being worried about losing everything in spam. Yes, I love my UI’s.

Faydai hit 59 sage, one more to go and she’ll be out of the dreaded T6. Then it’s time to get Yamini (the alchemist) from 50-60. I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ve always wanted a sage, especially as I was leveling my characters up and looked for spell upgrades. It’s a lot cheaper to harvest the rares / make the spells myself, then pay 20g per combine which is what typical crafters charge. I still also need to get Silverstep from 60-70 and even Dasie has been sitting at 65 and 91% into it for months now. I figure I’ll get them all to 60 first, and then worry about the grind to 70.

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