Hello there Bork!

Stargrace’ newest house pet, Bork

I typically don’t keep house pets in Eq2. I find they cause a whole lot of lag, and wander around in the most absurd places. Like the time I came home to find Mittens my cat drowning herself in my vat of eggnog on the dining room table. That was not fun to explain to company. Bork on the other hand, was far too irresistible. He comes from the Rujarkian Blademaster quest, from a semi-rare tablet that drops off of (you guessed it) the rujarkian blademaster himself, located in the cleffs of rujark. I can’t remember how I ended up with one, I must have been smaller or mentored or something. Needless to say the quest was still a pain to do, and he sits proudly watching over my home now.

Computer is up and running! Took a lot of fixing last night and a whole lot of reinstalling. A huge huge thank you to Shadowgeist for getting most of it done for me while I groaned over all of the missing pieces I’d have to install later. Windows reinstalled and we’re crash free (thus far, knock on wood!) and the bad hard drive error went away after it was formatted. If I wanted to play Vanguard I suppose the up side is that I have room for it now. Too bad I’m not interested. I copied over my Eq2 and WoW games, since I dreaded having to reinstall and patch those things. 8 CD’s for WoW and I’m not even sure how many for Eq2, not to mention the last two expansions I downloaded digitally and don’t even have disks for. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

Played WoW yesterday off and on while my computer was down, the hunter (which is a solo type class that I’ve always adored, mostly for farming. Everything is ten times easier with a pet) managed to grab level 11. Which means she has her pet now, wuwu! I’m excited about that. I’ll probably play her until I get bored and then switch back to the priest. I still haven’t even looked at my 40+ characters yet, having too much fun with the new zones and content.

In Eq2 I harvested. Since the crafting revamps (which are now all but a distant memory that us crafters lament over, missing the old methods of crafting) everyone goes through a whole lot of raws. I miss the old way. I miss sub components. There, you heard me say it! I actually miss making the 4-5 pieces that were required to make the finished product. At least it was a way to grind through the dreary levels. Hopefully my tailor gets to 30 today so I can move on from the dreaded T3 (dreaded because you’re still using level 10 +durability buffs and they’re grey, and combines hurt) and move on to something a little more productive. The sage should hit 60 today as well. Here’s hoping!

4 Responses to Hello there Bork!

  1. Adele Caelia says:

    yes grats for being back in game:)

  2. Gothun says:

    Yeah, Mario Kart is awesome. I still have the really old one from like a bagillion years ago when everything was 2-d. o_O

  3. stargrace says:

    I’m so glad we don’t use controllers lol. I can’t remember the last time I played a game with one, it was probably mario cart or something a long long time ago ;)

  4. Gothun says:

    Good to hear you’re back in business! I would hate to see a fellow gamer have to put down his/her controller because of a stupid computer scew-up. Now just think, if only we used controllers….

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