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My first human

So. Even though I know Vanguard has issues, I’ve heard about them almost none stop for months now, I decided to give it a shot. It’s part of my station access deal which I actually like. $24.99 a month and I have both Vanguard and EQ2 on there. Gives me some extra characters as well, and for EQ2 it means the adventure packs are free of charge. I’m expecting this price to go up over time though.

The game is pretty. I can run it very well on balanced settings, and if I go one higher I can still play but get a little lag. I have a brand new video card though, before I got it the game was barely moving at all. The world is pretty, but I found it lacking any sort of opening story. I sort of felt like I was plunked down “here you go, we need you to kill scorpions and collect weeds” right away. Only one of the ‘starter’ places seemed to have a story line where you work and beat some soldiers and then betray the emperor and get stranded naked in the next little area. I wish every starting character had something like that.

The games UI is exactly like WoW. Makes me wonder if they had to pay royalties it looks so much alike. In fact, a lot of it is the same. You hit escape to bring up the menu much like WoW.

I don’t like the fact that as you cast a spell, there is no graphic at all. It looks like you’re standing still until .05 seconds before the spell lands. So for half of my battles I look like I’m just glancing off into the distance.

The characters themselves.. well. They’re horribly ugly. Try typing the /sit command, and see what I mean. Who on earth actually sits like that? With their arms jutted out at 90 degree angles. In an mmo world, looks matter a great deal. Not that we’re all shallow and selfish people, but you want to play something that looks good, lets face it. Even if your view of what looks good verses someone else’ view is completely different.

I only played for ten minutes or so before I decided to give it a break. My eyes were starting to hurt from looking at the screen. Is there a mini map? Mine seemed to be missing the whole time, maybe we don’t get one and I just never noticed. It’s frustraiting to remember where my quests came from. Telling the level of some things was annoying too as I tried more then once to take on something one or two levels higher and they squished me soundly. I like both EQ2’s and WoW’s method of displaying mob level.

Anyhow, we’ll see how it goes. For now I’m on 30 days free before they start charging for it. It has potential, everyone I know says that. But who wants to wait 6 months for a game that’s already released to finally get some where.

5 Responses to First impressions of Vanguard

  1. stargrace says:

    The manual was only some what helpful, it does go into diplomacy, but it didn’t seem any easier to understand besides what you’ve already posted on your site MrrX, I haven’t even attempted any in game, so I think I’ll just deal with that later. I am after all only level 5 so far. Still getting my bearings.

    Today I logged in and now there’s no pause as you cast a spell vs. when it lands, you see the graphics as you cast — which was a huge improvement for me. I don’t mind the simplicity of them, but I did mind that I just stood around doing nothing until the spell landed. I’d like to at least see the graphics going off at the right time.

    Stuck it out a little longer today, and found it easier to navigate, got the mini map working (finally), less lag. The necromancer is.. interesting..Now I just need to figure out grafting and a zillion other things!

  2. MrrX says:

    I agree about the models – ugh. Ugly. But I *like* not having ten billion spell effects obscuring the screen anymore ! Now I can actually see the fighting.

    I’ve done the Vulmane and Varanjar newbie areas – you get the game lore and direction from the quests there. The Orc one too, it’s fun – escape from the slaver ship. Joao is right, you have to read them or you’ll be lost. If you like that American Indian spirit thing you’ll like that area.

    Does the manual help ? Apparently there isn’t a PDF version out there, I was wondering about the dead tree version.

  3. João Carlos says:

    Well, each person have the right to have her opinion.

    I like the VSoH chracter models, but maybe because I don’t like the toonish characters at WoW.

    Anyway, try the goblin and orc newbie zone, you will find a storyline so good as the kojanese human. Other races with good storyline are the kurashasa, the wood elves/raki and halfling.

    There are lore at VSoH, the problem is that you need read the quests. That starting quests are for you learn how to fight, there are no tutorial in game. So, that starting quests are “kill X mobs”. After that starting quests the quests start to follow a storelyne. But you don’t saw them, you quit to game after 10 minutes…

    A lot of lore come from the diplomacy quest. If you try diplomacy you will find it.

    One advice, try not play with your prejudices.

  4. Nice review! I agreed with a lot of your points on the review I just wrote. Especially the character models being ugly. They’re horrendous! =(

  5. Gothun says:

    I didn’t really like Vanguard either for most of the same reason you don’t. Just the overall quality of the game is horrible, and there isn’t much to playing the game. It was like downloading a free MMO and playing those. Because most of those are the same way. They drop you in, and just let you go free. They don’t direct you anywhere, and I really hate that.

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