It’s fun to play with dead things..


Level 5 Dark Elf Necromancer, Tashina


Vanguard: Loving diplomacy. Easy to see how people can get wrapped up in it. I haven’t quite figured out diplomacy gear yet, but I’ll get to that. My skill is only 10 so far. I know I know that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. But I’m having fun doing it, which is what matters, right? My necromancer is on her way to 6. I like the slower paced leveling I seem to be doing. I still have not figured out crafting. Harvesting is easier now, though there’s not that many nodes. The character models are slowly growing on me. Still lots of bugs and today the graphic glitches were everywhere. /flush is still my favorite command. All in all the game as a slight hold on me at least. More so then Eq2 but not as much as WoW.

World of Warcraft: My priest is sort of at a stand still. I spent too much time on her right away I think and now I’m bored. That always happens to me in WoW, and the server I’m on is just.. well. Lots of ‘interesting’ people on there, we’ll say. So I’ve started a new hunter and a new warlock and a new uh mage! Just to play around on. I love all those classes and aside from the hunter I’ve never leveled them very far. So I’ll try to work the others up and work my crafts and dabble in it when I’m in the mood.

EverQuestII: Account is still open, even though I think I’ve logged in twice maybe in the past month. The new video card I have lets me run around every zone in extreme quality, the game looks brand new and still it’s not quite enough to entice me into playing more. Lucan D’Lere is a small server that’s getting smaller by the day. Old friends are moving on, either to Vanguard or new servers. Raid guilds are breaking apart so much so that there’s only one or two left any more (top end raid guilds) and people are left floundering about. In my opinion, LDL needs to get merged into AB (the other RP server) or it’s going to just simply die. There’s barely a population there any more and it reminds me of Eq1.

All in all the games are treating me well. Don’t think I’ll branch off into anything else, I like what I have. I’ve always flittered from EQ2/WoW since either of them came out, becoming bored of one or the other and then having my interest piqued again, so it’s no surprise that I’m doing it now. As a side note. I love what Vanguard’s done with their site. It’s wonderful. The detail that I can look at my character stats in, is very nice. Even though it doesn’t seem to be updated too frequently since my characters are not listed there except for two that I’ve already deleted.

In any case, 3 more days and I’ll be back home at my own place. Looking forward to that! Not that I mind house sitting, I hope my folks are enjoying their cruise, but it’s true. There is no place like home.

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