Stuck on you… literally

Tashina, level 6 necromancer, stuck on a chair

Encountered my first stuck character issue last night, there’s a little blue chair in front of me while I’m talking to this quest npc, even though it doesn’t look like I’m really that close to it, I found (after trying to wiggle around) that I couldn’t, I’d some how latched myself onto the dang thing! Thankfully there is a /stuck command, and a /stuck yes confirmation command. They take notes on where you get stuck and (hopefully) fix it some time in the future. A minute or so later and I was ported to a safe(r) location to continue my adventuring.

The way mobs display their difficulty is some what new to me, and confusing. It works through a method of coloured dots. I haven’t seen anything higher then two dots yet, and I can handle those that are two levels higher then me and yellow, so I assume those are still solo mobs. I know the colours work pretty much the same way they do in any MMO, blue is lower then you, white is even, yellow is moderate difficulty, and red is dangerous to attempt. The dots throw me off though.

Necromancer is quite fun. There are of course some bugs. On occasion my pet will fall through the world and I’ll lose him. Some times (often) the mobs he’s fighting will fall through the world. I can’t see if he has any buffs on him nor do I even know if I can actually buff him, I can cast the spell but no icon flashes over his head.

Battle is pretty much the same as any other game with necromancers. You kill over time, with powerful dots. I have three dots now, one direct damage spell, and a fear. I’m still only level 6, but I did get to 25 diplomacy before I encountered one I can’t quite beat yet. I seem to have a general grasp on the game, but it’s hard to explain, it’s really one of those things you have to learn and read about on your own. There are some good tutorials out there though.

Also got myself some diplomacy gear, though you don’t get any special bags or anything to keep the spare stuff in, so that’s a little annoying. I finally understand what it means when you try to engage in diplomacy and get the message that it requires a certain amount of presence with the people before you can talk to them.

Now if only the graphic engines ran some what better..

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  1. Gothun says:

    So another words, it’s just like the ^^^ in EQ2…except there’s 6 instead of 3. =P

  2. João Carlos says:

    The dots and you:

    The dots are a way to say to players if it is a mob the player can solo or need a group for fight.

    2 dot mobs – solable, you alone(any class)can kill it.

    3 dot mobs – if you try solo it there is a chance you will be killed, they are for duos or trios (not full groups, groups with 2 or 3 members)

    4 dot mobs – if you try it you will be problably killed, they are for groups with 4-5 members.

    5 dot mobs – if you try it solo you will die, they are for full groups.

    6 dot mobs – run for your life, raid mobs, 3 full groups for kill, call the army, Godzilla is attacking Tokyo!

    Where you find mobs with more than tow dots? Inside dungeons… so, some dungeons are better with a group, or at least a duo or trio. Boss mobs deep inside the dungeon are problably 4 or 5 dots, normal mobs inside the dungeon can be 2 or 3 dots.

    Raid mobs ARE 6 dots. You will NOT see one soon, raids start at level 30. They freed some 6 dots big red dragons at last day of beta, everyone and its pets were fighting it and dieing, a lot of tombstones all over the place, a lot of spells flying over our heads, a lot of fighters fighting the beats, the true big lag fest…. and a lot fun.

    They just made the xp gained from 3 dots and 4 dots mobs higher. Well, it is a group game, they are giving more rewards for grouping.

    There are classes that can solo 3 or 4 dots. It is dangerous because if something goes wrong you die. I don’t believe that there is any class that can solo a 5 dots.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 12 / armorsmith 15

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