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Working my way through Vanguard, has been interesting. Crafting is pretty much the last thing I feel that I should learn how to master, even though I haven’t really grouped up very much yet. I did get a guild invite on my bloodmage but declined. When it comes to choosing a guild I want to know what I’m getting into. A friend of mine invited me to their guild but it’s absolutely huge, and I’m not really looking for something that already has over 100 members. I’d just get lost in there. Speaking of guilds, there’s been a whole lot of drama with my old raiding guild on EQ2, who broke up due to Vanguard being released and leadership moving on. They’re all trying to cover it up, saying recruitment lacked, and they didn’t have enough for raids (when they were sitting members out due to having more then the required 24, and kicking out people they deemed unfit for their idea of a raiding guild) when what it came down to was lack of interest in Eq2 on their parts. A lot of people’s feelings were hurt, and I can’t say I blame them. At least if they had of just admitted it was the new game, and not tried to shift the blame onto other things (that can be worked around if any of them actually had any interest) people would be slightly more understanding. It’s not a bad thing that they’ve moved on, I can understand it, but they handled it very poorly.

In real life news, I am back home! So thankful to be here too. There’s no place like home, it was great to sleep in my own bed for once. I wasn’t so sure my kitty would remember who I was, but after a few minutes hiding under the bed she finally seemed to remember. 

Still lots of issues with Vanguard, and they haven’t done any patching in a few days. I hope they’re going to continue fixing some of the major bugs. I’ve managed to get to 40 diplomacy, except there’s one quest I can’t seem to finish. A woman in Tanvu (I may have spelled that wrong, I forget now) wants me to find out why her soldiers are not working. There’s a mysterious house they’re all standing around, afraid to go inside. I’ve beaten all of their arguments, even hers (who has a skill level of 40) numerous times now, but the quest won’t update. It says to continue interviewing each of the guards until she deems the situation solved. I don’t know if perhaps I have to win every single argument without failing any in between for it to update or if it’s broken or what. The reward is quite a few pieces of diplomacy gear, which I’m really looking forward to.

Another diplomacy quest rewarded me with a 12 slot bag, now THERE was something I could use! I’d been walking around with the default bag and some 4-slots since creation. I seem to always be broke, which is something I need to adventure for a little bit more. Diplomacy doesn’t pay that well, not that you really need it to I suppose. I’ve got a couple of silver to my name. The bloodmage is still one of the best classes I’ve tried so far, so I think I’ll stick with it and see where I go.

In the mean time I’ve also been playing a little WoW, I still love the PvP there, and it’s lack of complexity is a joy after trying to figure things out in Vanguard.

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  1. Joao Carlos says:

    If you intend advance the adventuring sphere, a guild is something that make your live easier. You will need group for enter some dungeons and guilds make easier find a group.

    Now, the problem will be find a good guild. Try find a guild that fit your interests.

    Big guilds are good for raiding, but despite all negative propaganda that VSoH had, VSoH isn’t a raid game. Raid have the smae content than soloing, 20%, the game is mostly group, 60 % content is for grouping.

    A more ideal guild for grouping is a middle rank guild and not a big guild. Mostly if the members are from same range of level.

    However, if you are trying mostly diplomacy and/or crafting a big guild can be a good idea. The big guilds will need diplomats (for open the raid dungeons) and crafters (for the stuff). They normally treat the diplomats and crafters very well, including offering resources and money.

    An advice: VSoH have a slow grind. It is not a fast grind like WoW. With 3 spheres, you will advance 3 times slower if you try advance all spheres at same time. My suggestion is pick a sphere around level 10 and start to priorize only that sphere.

    While I like diploamcy a lot, for that reason I decided not start diplomacy. I am concentrating at crafting, with some adventuring level to give me some chances to suyrvive while harvesting.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 17

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