Hopscotch – Free Diplomacy Horse

Hopscotch, Satia’s new horse

Have I mentioned that I love diplomacy? I have? Just once or twice, right? Well, let me mention it again. I’m taking my time with Vanguard, I really have no other choice. I some how found myself surrounded by quests yesterday and as I diligently did each one the experience climbed until I managed to move myself from level 7 to level 10 (and half way through that). I got a lot of new skills, some interesting, some confusing. Finishing blows, which are of course self explanatory. Parts of chains.. which still elude me. A new stance, that takes 5% of my health and transfers it into energy (mana). I’m basically a cross between a healer, and a necromancer. I also got my first rez. I have a skill that lets me boil my own blood and make vials of it. Then those vials are used as a reagent in another spell that lets me avoid all damage for 6 seconds and mitigate 10% of the damage back to my opponents. I have sets of heals that I can only use on other people, which is a unique idea to me.

So I worked on my diplomacy until I got it to a skill of 40, and then was told I could acquire a free horse if I wanted! Of course I jumped at that chance. It required a lot of traveling, I left Tanvu and took the port at the dock to Ca’ial Brael, then headed towards my quest npc. He lent me a horse, and I did some fast courier type quests, then I was told that if I wanted to do more, I could — but I’d have to reach level 10 in either adventuring or crafting first. Hence my mad questing to get to level 10. Once I’d gotten it I returned to the npc and was sent on another courier quest, to deliver 3 items and of course parle with each of them as well (and win).

With my skill nearing 47 now, and theirs at 50, it was pretty simple. I had 23 minutes left on my 40 minute timer. Turned it in, and ta da, Hopscotch. I claimed my new horse shoes for her, and equipped my saddle bags, which apparently you can fill and keep with you if you die — not certain about this though I’ve not tried it. I’m glad I didn’t have to save up coin for this new mount, there’s no way I’d be able to afford it. I’m down to 7s after purchasing my level 10 spells. Still having some issues making money. I’m going to attempt crafting again today — maybe. A few more of my friends have been talking about how much fun it is, so we’ll see how it goes!

2 Responses to Hopscotch – Free Diplomacy Horse

  1. stargrace says:

    I still think it is ugly (the character models), and that it has *huge* bugs that really need to be worked out. I also think that it takes far too many computer resources to play, so my opinion hasn’t changed in that aspect.

    But yes, I am enjoying the game. Be it from EQ2 being boring right now, or my lack of interest in WoW, it’s something I’ll play for the time being.

    Not that rude, or evil, sorry ;)

  2. João Carlos says:

    So, now I will be very rude and evil…

    Not bad for a game that you thought isn’t good at the first 10 minutes of play, right?

    Geregor Bedstone
    dwarf, dwarves are a rude people
    cleric 13 / amrosmith 17
    diplomacy 1 / rudeness 100

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