Now that’s a Skeleton – and Views on the Dark Elf Starter City

My little level 9 necromancer, standing beside a giant skeleton for one of her quests. Now, I have a level 10 blood mage and a few other characters. I have started in a lot of new zones, and the dark elf one by far just.. sucks.

I’m level 9 and the only quests I have left are mainly diplomacy (she’s only sitting at a skill of 27 right now), and the adventuring ones she has are a lot bigger then her. I’ve tried to group up for them but no one seems interested. I’m looking forward to being slightly higher level so I can at least join my friends who are off adventuring all over. Anyhow.

The majority of the dark elf quests also do not have locations that show up on your map. They’ll say ‘in a canyon close to here’, and then you get to wander around and find out it’s not actually close to there at all. Or they’ll say ‘go find so and so, he’s east of this outpost’. It’s late though and you log off, the next morning you go back to the quest, you’re no where near the original outpost and the quest has no way to show you where that is, thus you are not even sure where the second outpost that you need to head to is.

I’d also say there’s a lack of quests. For my blood mage she ended up finding two npc’s who had no less then 10 level 8-10 quests on them, she got her levels easily and painlessly. The necromancer is struggling along, the quests are difficult, and there are not very many. Not in comparison to the other classes I’ve played at least. I was going to scrap the necro all together and remake a different race just to get out of their starter city, but decided I’d stick it out until 10 and see if it got any easier.

My blood mage was also a hell of a lot easier to level solo then the necro, while I applaud Vanguard’s idea to make the healer classes more ‘fun’ and unique, there’s no reason why a healer should be able to heal better then anyone else in the game – and dps – and tank. Which is exactly what a lot of healers are doing. It’s a wonderful way to keep people interested, but why bother being anything else, when you can be a healer and just simply do it all.

Ok, enough of that rant. On a completely different note — I finally understand crafting. That’s right, you heard it here first! After struggling with it since release, I sat down and spent a few hours working on it yesterday. I did refining and finishing work orders, started with the easy ones and worked up slightly to moderate. I didn’t bother with anything harder then that for the time being. The experience started going very slowly, but I still had fun. I made more coin then I ever had adventuring, and bought myself some new gear upgrades and 10-slot bags with it. Also got the necromancer to level 6 artificer. It was fun. So I’m finally at least comfortable in the game. Here’s hoping they’re going to be fixing bugs. There’s plenty of lore and story lines if you look for them, especially with diplomacy. It’s easy to get into a role play mode and create an elaborate background for yourself simply following those. For example the dark elves are testing the blood of their race to see if they’re worthy and all this stuff. There’s been an outlaw I’ve been helping because his wife was not found worthy or what have you, but now she’s dead and he’d like to come back to the city, so the guards said he could — if — he defeated some bird thing that’s way up on a cliff (where I would have to fight level 10 ^^^ just to get to him). So yeah, there are certainly a lot of stories around. I still hate the starter zone though.

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  1. Adele says:

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. stargrace says:

    Yeah I went and got those quests, and did them, they send me to some guy with a box who doesn’t show up on my map of the continent at all no matter how many times I click, and uh, think that was actually the only quest I got — besides infiltrating the camps, which is difficult to do at level 9. No worries though, I did manage to grind my way to level 10, finally.

  3. MrrX says:

    Crafting is fun isn’t it ?

    If you made money I can tell you didn’t make the same mistake I did – take a workorder to make 5 doodads and turn it in after 1. And then wonder “Why am I only getting 3 copper for that ?”

  4. João Carlos says:

    There are two guys hiding behind a stone near the enemies camp. They are secret agents from Panthor Zhi observing the enemy. They give quests that send you to teh fortress.

  5. stargrace says:

    Well, I’m level 9, and I can kill the level 10^^^ by myself, but it takes a lot of work and it’s a close fight. Besides that quest, I have none left that I can see, except to kill the bone collector and I can’t quite kill him yet.

    Blood mage has been easiest for me so far. I’ve got a druid in the works too, wanted to try a few things before I decide which one to play 10

  6. João Carlos says:

    I tryed dark elf at beta, but I don’t remember exactly the quests there.

    The “bird thing” is a drake or a drakeling or something like that. Big, but not big and scary as a real dragon. YOU NEED A GROUP FOR COMPLETE THAT QUEST. Too many mobs up the hill for kill the drake, you need at least a 3 members group for clean the way to the drake and to kill it. You don’t need a full group, but 3-4 members group will make it fine.

    Some quests don’t have the location completed. Some areas will be worse than others. Depends upon the quantity of work made. VSoH is incomplete yet.

    Soon you will get quests for the fortress. There you will need a group too.

    Necromancer is the soloer class after it get fear spell. Blood mage is a good soloer while the higher level mobs don’t appear. There are mobs that cast spells and use arrows for attack, they are hard to solo if you aren’t a melee or if you don’t have a pet. Blood mage is a nuker healer, but the mages are the real nukers, a druid or a sorcerer or a psicionist will have nuke spells that can bring down that dangerous mobs fast. Blood mage have some nukes, but not that high potency nukes. They nerfed the blood mage nukes at last beta, aparently blood mages was too much potent and soloer.

    Other important point is that the classes blossom after level 10. The first 10 levels are for learn to play the game.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 17

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