The Latest Addition – Qutey Patootie, Rogue of Martok

Isn’t she a little Qutey?

I finally managed to grind my necromancer to 10. It was.. not fun. I really was not enjoying the dark elf starter city at all. So I decided I’d start a few more classes and find the one that stood out to me. Granted, maybe I’m just not the sort of person who ever has that happen. In WoW (as you can see by the character sheets listed under quick links) I had an abundance of characters, same with EQ2. So why would Vanguard be any different — even if I was trying to change my alt-ness ways. I made a druid and quickly grew bored of her, fun, but it was just like playing any other nuker. It was very different to be wearing cloth as a druid instead of leather, and to be nuking instead of healing. Almost every game I’ve played has the druid as a healer. The unique take on this was fun. I’ll probably pick that character up again once I’m bored of my latest trial.

Meet Qutey Patootie, above. A goblish rogue who skulks around stabbing at things. Sneak and hide remind me very very much of my rogue back in EQ1, where you had to work the skills up or you were detected. There’s a few small bugs. Number one being — when you are sneaking and hiding, there is no real indication as to whether or not the mobs actually see you. Their names remain red, agro to you. When you sneak a little closer to them — if they have the chance to see you (especially if you come up at them from the front) little question marks will fly about their head as though they’ve heard something, and they will look directly at you, or if you’re close, they’ll charge you and break your stealth. So there’s some indication. But if you’re just wandering around, they all still look aggressive.

After reading this post on weaknesses and how to exploit them, I found myself teamed up with a monk. Low and behold, monks have a move that I can exploit with one of my level 2 skills. That was fun. I did notice one other small bug, as I was fighting, on a random encounter it said I had done a legendary attack.. and at level 5 — which was astounding to me — I hit the mob for 700 damage roughly at first, and then finished it off for another 600 damage.. at level 5?! That just did not seem right to me, I couldn’t understand it. Not that I was about to complain!

The goblin starter city is a lot of fun. The quests there pay far more then the ones in any other starting zone I’ve been to paid. Maybe to entice those who find the race ugly? I was getting on average 70-80 copper per level 5-6 quest. My necromancer didn’t get paid that amount until level 8-9 quests. So Qutey is sitting comfortably at 6 silver and some change. I’m finding the rogue a lot of fun, and perhaps this will be one of those characters I actually level to some degree. Martok (the starting point) is wide and open, with lots of places to explore, having stealth makes this a whole lot easier. Hopefully as I develop the character some, I’ll get around to writing some rp stories about the gal. We’ll have to see how it goes.

3 Responses to The Latest Addition – Qutey Patootie, Rogue of Martok

  1. stargrace says:

    *grins* Yeah decided to recycle the gal, she’s much cuter this way honestly ;) Coming from her being a halfling templar to a goblin rogue is quite a change.. something in the gene pool just didn’t quite add up….

  2. MrrX says:

    Haha, you recycled Qutey and made her an……. ugly character ?

    I took a quick look at Martok, and the beginning storyline was pretty fun and the zones nicely done. My Orc Monk might manage to get played someday.

  3. Lishian says:

    I didn’t like Vaqnguard at first. However, I bought the collector’s edition – so – I thought I really should give it one more try. Well, one more try was on Kojan. I love the asian theme and this sucked me into the game hook line and sinker. After playing with more alts in and out of Kojan, I’ve come to realize how great of a game Vanguard is. It truly is the best I’ve played. I’ve played EQ2 for two years and haven’t strayed to anything else for more than a week or two. Vanguard has me. Diplomacy is excellent. I’ve become quite the expert at it. Tradeskilling is exactly the way I would want it (misses the old EQ2 tradeskilling). The game is vast and huge. I love being able to travel without zoning. It seems more real to me. I really can’t wait to see how this game evolves!

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