Odd? In Vanguard? Of COURSE Not!

Of course, every Jute Tent should be made with the faces of little children, right? Well, apparently that’s what my Kojan half elf makes her tents out of. I’m sure they must be the demon spawns of Martok or something, that’s the only explination I can think of. It’s interesting to be paying to play a beta game. That’s basically what Vanguard is. No, this isn’t me knocking it, I do enjoy it after all. There are just so many bugs, that it’s a wonder why people enjoy it. It has the capacity to become a wonderful game – in a few months. So enjoy the rest of the ‘oddity’ screen shots I’ve taken over the past little while. Some are just amusing, others are just nice.

In the one with my level 10 blood mage (who is the female) I’m curious.. where did that guy come from?! I’ve got no male characters on my account at all, and this one followed all of my characters, no matter who I switched to. Interesting bug to say the least, perhaps it was some sort of soul mate?

And then of course there is the great Martok boars. Did you know that they can stagger? Well, of course you knew that. Everyone knows that. However, did you also know that the good goblins and orcs of Martok have taught their farm animals to speak? Yes, that’s right! They have a broad range of vocabulary ranging from "Ha" to various swear words. Don’t believe me? Just keep looking at the screen shots below.

I realize the game is new but come on. These are blatant issues in game. Not to mention the fact that the /flush command is still the most popular one out there aside from perhaps /rope (which summons a group mate to you if they’re stuck in geometry). I can give them credit for an amazing game, but why are we all paying for something that is obviously still in beta stages.

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  1. Geregor Bedstone says:

    I think you answer to your own question: because the game is fun.

    It is no secret that the game is unfinished. Brad MacQuaid sayd they were launching the game before the time because the money dryed. The game need polish, debug, and there are problems with performance.

    However, with all that problems, the game is fun. So, it is a good game now. How good ther game will be when all that problems get solved?

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 18

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