Plodding along

15 Blood Mage, in the Jin’Ka forest

I haven’t stumbled across any dungeons yet in Vanguard, but I know they’re up there. One would be the Tomb of Lord Tsang, which I hear people looking for groups to quite often. There are some quests in the Jin’Ka forest that give you a key for access, so I teamed up with Raskolnikov to take care of some of these quests. We didn’t actually get any completed for me, but he got two done at least. I moved on to Thestra for a few quests, having completed most of the ones in my range. The mobs in the Jin’Ka forest are 18^^^ which means they’re still quite a bit out of my league to solo.

I typically end up turning the general channels off in MMO’s after some time. After all how many of the WoW’ers out there have heard the jokes about Barrens chat. Or the how many of the EQ2’ers out there used to count the minutes until they left Commonlands and Antonica because of the comments that flew around. The regionsay channels in Vanguard (on occasion, there are brief glimpses of hope) are no different. The one thing I hear about every day though are the many many many bugs in the game. Which is probably why I post my complaints here. I’ve heard so many complaints about things I’ve no idea about. Quest chains that are broken, mobs through the world, graphics, etc.

Which is fine, fact of the mater is despite all these issues the game is still popular.

But do people plan on staying? With the new MMO’s on the market how long does Vanguard have in the lime light before the next one comes along with features that blow it away? Something with intense graphics but doesn’t require a top notch system to play. Something with huge character selection with fewer graphic glitches that can appeal to a large audience?

That’s actually the main reason I keep my EQ2 account open. While I do enjoy Vanguard, as do a lot of people I know, I have no clue how long the game is going to run on success. I know a lot of people said they will come back in a few months when the bugs are worked out of it. But it’s not difficult to see some of the reviews out there and wonder these things.

Everyone makes up their own opinions in the end. I’ve heard the good, and the bad, and have my own experiences to go along with it. Truth of the matter is, were it not for half of my friends and guild (over half in fact, the raiding guild I was in dropped from 32 active accounts to 12 once Vanguard came out) moved games, I probably would not have switched over. EQ2 was not boring to me, but the community was something I enjoyed. Now that the community I’m used to has dispersed, what’s the point, I should move on with them. No one wants to play a game completely alone after all. This is one of my huge points for wanting LDL to merge with AB, the other RP server EQ2 has. LDL just has no community any more. I doubt the active population is even above 100 unique accounts. /who all 70 leads you to a list of 20-40 people at prime time. Sighs.

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  1. Joao Carlos says:

    I will stay, the people at my guild will stay. I know a lot of people that will stay. A guy at other forum said that VSoH made rangers be true rangers and as he is ranger fan he will stay. IMHO, the same is valid for a lot of other classes, VSoH made that classes be true to its spirit, eyou can see it playing a monk, a bard, a cleric, a necromancer.

    The problem with VSoH is that it is a game that goes against all the Sacred WoW Cannon:
    1- no instancing;
    2- slow grind;
    3- group oriented.

    So, the people get blind by their prejudices and will ever say that VSoH is not a good game, while who play it see that it is a good game.

    Whatever the Sacred WoW Cannon says, VSoH is a good game and the Earth is not flat.

    And about all the fuss about LOTRO. There is only one reason for play it. Fanboism.

    Ironic, don’t? Every blog that is now saying that LOTRO is the Game are the same blogs that discard any good commentary about VSoH saying that is a “vanboy” opinion. Only the bad opinions about VSoH are accepted.

    Mark my words, LOTRO will not be the big sucess these people are saying it will be. only fanboys are excited about it.

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