Quests? Yes, I’ve got those..

Level 17 Blood Mage hanging out in Misthaven’s Crossing

Above is a picture of Grim UI, one I’ve been using for a little while now. I love the bar along the top, hard to see, but it keeps track of some short cuts, like my menu, ping, compass etc. On the far right (at the top still) is my bags and coin, then my mini map. Along the bottom, I have three chat windows, and four hotkeys. The window on the far left has important info that I typically need to see during battle. The next one is regionsay and craft channel, the far right is for combat. My stances are all displayed nicely, as well as my chain reactions, the green square is me and my stats, the one above is my defensive target (whomever I have healing) the one beside that with the red is my offensive target, a spider I think in this case that I’m whacking. Over the last chat box on the far right is my weapons so I can click them for their effects. The blue scroll along the top left is of course buffs I have on me. Debuffs go beside that on the right, the group window is on the far left where it says invite / leave. It’s one of the better UI’s I’ve found so far. I enjoy it a lot. I know a lot of people use Drox, but I didn’t want to have to toggle all the options in that UI.


I’ve got a new favorite zone. It’s Misthaven’s Crossing, and it’s filled with quests. At first the people won’t talk to you (as me and Raskolnikov found out.. and couldn’t understand why I didn’t get any of the quests) but then you talk to Jarand Drake on the front steps of one of the buildings, and he tells you that before he’ll allow the townspeople to talk, you need to prove you are a friend. He sends you to a mine to kill some Vulshar, and prove your worth. After doing that the rest of the town will talk to you. This is where I started cursing the ability to only have 20 quests ongoing at one time. I’ve got 19 on the go now I think. There is a mixture of group and solo quests, ranging from finding beetle eggs, to slaying vampires. Collecting iron ingots for the townsfolk, and various other odds and ends. Eventually you make your way to a tower, find some supplies for cures, slay two named (who are simple ^^’s at least) and kill a bunch of spiders for their silks.

So I hit 78% into 17 this way, looking forward to 18 and some new spells. At 19 I can start working on the famous cloak quest, which is sort of like a heritage quest in difficulty if you’re used to the EQ2 terms. Also need to complete my key for the Tomb of Tsang. Switching over from the kojan continent was probably one of the better choices Raskolnikov talked me into.

2 Responses to Quests? Yes, I’ve got those..

  1. stargrace says:

    It shows a % for exp gain, yes. However.

    I recently switched back over to DroxUI, as of yesterday actually because of the G15 keyboard portion they have. The directions are really really simple, not sure why it wouldn’t have worked. =x

  2. MrrX says:

    Maybe I should try using Grim. Does it show a number for XP gain ?

    Problem is I followed the directions on Drox UI to a T, and yet the thing didn’t work. Maybe I’m too dumb to use a different UI :p .

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