And the quests continue

Misthaven’s Crossing

Ding, 19. At level 18 my blood mage got 11 new spells. I’m still finding making money slightly difficult but I was able to afford them at least. One of them summons group members to me within dungeons and of course with a range limit. It seems buggy though as the disciple in my group kept getting summoned when I was targeting the sorcerer. Not to mention the one being targeted would just end up falling through the floor of the dungeon we were playing in. I didn’t stay long, a few kills in I realized it was probably a little over my head. Vampire slaying always is fun though.

So now I’m almost done getting the key for the Tomb of Tsang, where there is a weapon quest I’ll apparently adore, and I’m also able to work on the cloak quest now. I really have no idea about that one, I’ll have to read about it as I go and find out where it comes from and so on and so forth. I also joined Raskolnikov’s guild, Shadowhaven. They have branches in pretty much every MMO out there. Their team speak server is huge. I typically shy away from these sorts of guilds. Team speak is not fun for me, how can I delve into the mmo if I’m talking away to people on a chat program. I also don’t care for large guilds, and this one is giant. 158 in there so far I believe. I wanted to give it a try for my friend though, so I said no promises that I’ll stay, but I’ll try it for now. We’ll see how it goes.

Finishing up my Jin’Ka forest quests, and working on the few outstanding quests I have at Misthaven I’m hoping will push me towards 20. I’m about 20% into my level currently. I haven’t done any trade skilling, and today I can’t because in the patch yesterday they broke artificers tools. Specifically the etching knives no longer work at all. Nor are legendary pieces being recognized as tools. Wonderful eh? Makes you wonder why there’s no test server.

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