A much better day

Rask, fast asleep after a long day of questing

Today was a far better day. Thanks to some tinkering from Shadowgeist, my computer finally doesn’t hate Vanguard quite as much. I also didn’t spend the day bickering with Rask over petty things that don’t matter. He and I spent most of the day questing around the Misthaven area, and Satia hit 20 (he hit 21, grats!). I really wish we could hold more then 20 quests at a time, I’ve had to delete a whole bunch to move onto the new ones in order not to be left behind. A very annoying thing to do. Especially since some times I’m worried I won’t be able to get the quests again (such as diplomacy ones). Speaking of diplomacy, I’ve pretty much done nothing but quest and level the past week, so it’s been put on hold. As have my beloved alts, but that’s alright I’m sure I’ll get back to them. Today’s big news: Etching knives work! People are happy. Yes, my crafting has been at a stand still too, what can I say.

I attempted to make a bard today, curious about how they work because in my Tsang dungeon group one joined up and they can do some pretty cool things. They’re complicated. You compose your own songs (you can even write the title and description for each song, wow how is that for in depth role play!) the only issue is – no one teaches me HOW to compose these songs. I managed to play around with a little flick and twitch of buttons but how do I even know how many songs I can play at once? Is there a limit? One “main” portion of a song at any time with a choice of secondary accompanying pieces? Seems to be something along those lines. Until I can figure it all out, I think I’ll attempt to level my psionicist – maybe. Still so many choices. The bugs and graphic glitches seemed like just a distant memory today, hanging out with my friend (and not fighting) was certainly a huge bonus. I’m happy, it shows what can I say. It’s a huge difference to go from playing at 10-15 FPS (max, in an open field, third person) to going and playing at 30-50 FPS (in that same field, in third person). The largest difference is in town. I still stutter at times but I know now it’s not me, everyone has those stutters on occasion. Especially with those “invisible” zone lines.

Geregor: I saw you today in Silverlake! I buffed you and you shouted thank you as you rode by, I sent a tell and told you hello but didn’t get an answer, so maybe you were in a rush. Always nice to see though! I was on Satia.

Anyhow. More updates tomorrow, for now, some sleep!

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  1. Joao Carlos says:

    Well, I was at a big rush…

    I was having a small bug problem yesterday: everytime I “zoned” the game was sending to the other side of zone and not to the adjacent area at the “zoning” line, sometimes with mortal consequences (falling from 1000 meters, eated by big red wolf level 30 ). One time that bug send me to the top of a mountain, and the top was snowy and surrounded by level 40 dragons…

    [everything I am describing above REALLY happened to me yesterday, big fall at Veskal’s Exchange, big wolf at Frostshard Lake and a huge mountain….mmmm… somewhere, I decided to cast recall faster when I saw the mountain top had 8-9 dragons level 40 , but I can guess that the top of mountain normally is content for the guys level 40 with a flying mount… not for me]

    That bug made my life dificult yesterday while I (level 13 cleric, level 21 armorsmith) was making the fun task of…. explore. Go out, walk to everyplace, making no quest, looking the things only for find what there are around us at Thestra.

    [Well, the bug aparently helped me to see things that I normally don’t will see soon, like that big castle at middle of Frostshard Lake… one kilometer high, black with big fires on top… I think some Dark Lord lives there, but I don’t stoped to ask who, good luck to the guys that will RAID that place at level 40 , that place is huge from afar, I cannot imagine how many rooms the castle have, but I think at least 100 diferent groups can go inside it and everyone will think the dungeon is empty with no other group around. I can only say that thing certainly is raid content…]

    The exploring yesterday too had a more serious function: I and other guys from guild were looking for place with plots for houses. We want to build a dwarven city, we need find a good “dwarven-like” place and a plot for build a guild (guild plots are 50 plats, 5 plat upkeep}. We explored the Deebs friday and yesterday we were exploring the mountains beyhond Halgarad. That was the reason for I run like a mad yesterday, my binding point was at Three Rivers and after each recall I just had a lot of terrain to run to return to the place where the group was exploring.

    By the way, someone bought the best plots before us. There are some nice houses being built at Eastpoint with a nice view to the sea… I guess we dwarves will need find a good place at Nothern Stonepine Ridge or at Hidden Cove.

    Geregor Bedstone
    dwarf, Florendyl
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 21
    “elves have air between that pointed ears”

  2. My first character that I made was a bard – got it to level 8. From what I understand its only possible to play one song at once. Its possible that I was doing things wrong though. I did have a blast making my own songs though.

    There is some good information here about composing a song and the various components. I found it helpful!


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