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The Outside of New Targonar – a confusing place for new visitors

Satia managed to get most of the way through 19 yesterday in what was an exceptionally frustraiting day. Pet peeve number one. I get about 2-3 FPS in dungeons. Being the only healer in a group, that’s painful. Literally. People who ignore my pleads and cries about just how much fun the zone is NOT for me, bothers me. I’d rather just not go instead of having to chug along mooching exp and loot at 2 FPS. How anyone would enjoy a dungeon crawl at that rate, I’ve no idea. My best friend told me to suck it up and tough it out, then they took off and went afk on the group for over an hour while we crawled through there and completed quests for everyone else — except me.

I even mentioned one part of a quest I was just about done, and we turned around and got someone else their part instead. Sighs. Not a good day. I ended up just being annoyed and frustrated and cursing how many resources VG takes. I know there are people out there who have gorgeous beautiful wonderful machines and can run it just fine. Mine is not *that* bad, I do have above the recommended specs for it. I rarely get over 20 FPS though. I can run EQ2 in max settings flawlessly — on raids! WoW is a joke I think a cardboard box could run that game. But not Vanguard, no way. It runs fine every other time — except in dungeons. I can struggle through the lag towns, and in open areas it’s ok at 20-22 FPS, but a dungeon at 2-3 FPS.. sighs.

Crafting is still broken. Servers came down for a restart right now, so we’ll see what else they break. As an artificer being unable to use any etching knives at all really just.. sucked. Half the saws out there don’t work either, and people have to resort to using the newbie ones.

Welcome to Vanguard, where every day is beta.

Sorry, I just really had to vent.

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  1. João Carlos says:

    Some places where I found info about how to tweek the Vanguard performance:

    That can help to make your FPS go a few better, but maybe you need make a PC’s upgrade. I don’t know what PC are you using, but the minimal recomendation that exist at the VSoH’s box is not a PC I recomend for play Vanguard.

    For start, 1 gig ram is the minimal I think can run VSoH fine. 2 gig make it run better. 4 gig make it a few better than 2 gig. Pci-express help a lot, it is faster. From there is this Brad McQuaid’s quote:

    “Graphics card probably matters the most. 128M is ok, 256 better. Haven’t noticed a significant difference going to 512M.

    A pci-express system vs. an AGP system helps a lot.

    An xfi sound card will give you about 5fps more because it offloads the sound processing to the APU.”

    Going from 1 gig to 2 gigs is good. Going to 4 gigs helps a bit, but not nearly as much as 1 gig to 2.

    CPU is probably last. A faster CPU helps, but usually we’re not CPU bound.”

    and this quote:

    “I forgot to mention fast system memory. Since we move so much data around, this helps a great deal (having a fast FSB and the memory to take advantage of it).”

    and this quote:
    “The new core duos help a lot, but not as much because they have two cores, but because they deal with moving memory around better. We are already taking advantage of more than one core, off loading music to an xfi card, etc., but not nearly to the point that we will in the coming months.”

    Geregor Bedstone
    dwarf, Florendyl server
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 21
    “elves have only air between that pointed ears…”

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