A different type of grind

A little tired of playing my blood mage lately, so I’ve switched a little to my necromancer. I didn’t like the dark elf starting areas, so I moved her to Tanvu. Of course being a dark elf, she’s KoS (killed on sight) to just about everything out there, so I had to do some faction grinding once I left the teleporter. A few things in Vanguard that I like regarding faction. Number one, teleporters are not KoS. So even if the city is, the porters are typically on a dock away from anyone else, and I won’t get squished trying to get to another continent. Another thing I like, you can actually work your faction by doing WO’s (work orders) – all of the npc for crafting are on their own factions, and they start as neutral to you. It gives you another way to work your factions up. Instead of doing that, I wanted to kill my way to non-KoS. You need 201 dynamic faction in order not to be KoS. So that’s only 201 kills (unless you’ve made the faction worse). I grinded away on easy little level 4 mobs out by the Tanvu starting area. In two hours I had the required faction, and I decided I may as well start doing all of the little quests, extra coin, boost up my quest count, and some items to sell, as well as working a bit more faction. I also like the fact that while I did work my Tanvu faction up, it did not lower the faction for my own home town. I know you used to need 501 dynamic faction, and I’m glad they changed it.

I picked up reaping and skinning, working those a little bit as I did those little quests. Figure I may as well be a tailor. Make some bags for all of my alts, and gear to wear. My duo partner and I had a sort of falling out, so I logged off early for the evening. No fun to play a game when the majority of the time is spent fighting.

The Rp server I’m on is fairly populated still, and I like that. If the population stays the way it is, I’ll be happy. If it shrinks though that would be a fairly bad sign. EQ2’s “unrest” zone is due the 2nd of March, so next Friday. Not sure if that will help to bring players back to the game or not. Lucan really needs to merge with AB for the population to flourish. Too many people have left that game over the past few months.

So while I cool my heels (heals?) on the blood mage, I’m going to craft a little (hopefully) and maybe play some alts. We’ll see how it goes.

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