Vanguard Patch Notes

Vanguard Build 1758a Patch Notes 2/28/2007

– When you recover your tombstone after a death, instead of the returned experience bringing you to a total no higher than where you died at, you will now receive the full amount of experience stored on the tombstone, even if you’ve already done some adventuring since you died.
– Adventuring kill experience rates have been moderately increased across the board.  Experience rates for challenge level 4+ NPCs have had an additional increase on top of the global increase.
– The temporary teleporters will now teleport you to anywhere the public ships will go.  You no longer have to teleport through Ca’ial Brael first.
– Maps – The following locations have been added to the in game map:
Recondite Threshold in Southeastern Thestra
Strandan Port in Northeastern Thestra
Highlands Landing in Western Qalia
– NPCS – Ranged attack using NPCs will now display their animations correctly. Additionally, NPC ranged attacks will now be considered melee attacks instead of spells.
– Player Housing – Adjusted player home and guild hall purchase prices and upkeep costs.  If you have already purchased a plot that is affected by this change, your upkeep cost will be adjusted in an upcoming patch.
– Racial Abilities – Raki racial ability: Planar Shift has been adjusted. It now does as the description says, mitigating 50% of *only* spell damage for the duration of the effect.
– Spells – Recasting invisibility after it has begun to fade should now be successful.
– A new boat master has been placed in Khal that will send players to the following destinations in Qalia:
Ahgram (Minimum Level 15)
Upside Defense Garrison (Minimum Level 15)
Strandan Port (Minimum Level 30)
– Additionally, a boat master has been added to each of the above locations that will send players back to Khal as well.

– General Combat – Removed unintended sympathetic combinations from the game.
– Bard – Asilam’s Disenchanting Cry II and III have been added to trainers.
– Bard – Added the following abilities to bard trainers: Energizing Embellishment, Cirel’s Counterpoint of Clarity, Illestine’s Epic Substitution, and Asilam’s Dirge of the Mariner. These abilities were unintentionally left off.
– Blood Mage – Ritual of Awakening now lasts for 5 minutes, instead of 2 minutes.
– Blood Mage – Strip Enchantment II, III, and IV have been added to trainers.
– Blood Mage – Strip Enchantment has increased in effectiveness.
– Blood Mage – Quickening Symbiote now requires a quickening symbiote to cast instead of a renewing one.
– Blood Mage – Conducive Symbiote is now removed when another symbiote is cast over it.
– Blood Mage – Quickening Jolt no longer requires a symbiote to cast.
– Blood Mage – You now have to stay in your forms for at least 2 seconds before you can switch out of it.
– Blood Mage – Removed incorrect text on Focus of Gelenia and Sanguine Focus. Both were claiming to produce effects over time which were not actually occurring.
– Blood Mage – Despoil should now display its animation properly.
– Blood Mage – Severing Ritual has gotten a face lift. It now has a damage over time component and costs only 3 blood union.
– Blood Mage – New ability line Translucence has been added to the blood mage at level 10.
– Blood Mage – The Severing Ritual ability line has had its particle effects adjusted.
– Blood Mage – Blood Feast is now group and lasts 15 minutes.
– Cleric – Aegis of Blades IV will now buff the cleric as intended. Further, it will display damage correctly.
– Dread Knight – Despoil has increased in effectiveness.
– Dread Knight – Despoil II and III have been added to trainers.
– Druid – Okeli’s Shield should no longer be on trainers twice.
– Druid – Sageberries have significantly increased in potency.
– Druid – Added Sageberries II, III, and IV to trainers.
– Druid – Hibernate will now only work on Creatures and Fey as intended.
– Monk – North Wind Breaks the Trunk II is now level 50.
– Necromancer – Sundering Fist grafts now attach the proper ability to your abomination – this increased the damage of these fists
– Paladin – Stalwart Soul is now obtained at level 10.
– Psionicist – Time Trick is now arcane rather than mental.
– Psionicist – Temporal Shift now slows the target’s melee attack rate.
– Psionicist – Psionicists should now be able to max all of their perception skills as intended.
– Rogue – Added Fade to trainers at level 26
– Rogue – Added Deter to trainers at level 12
– Rogue – Added Trick Attack to trainers at level 22
– Rogue – Added Fatal Stroke to trainers at level 30
– Rogue – Added Eviscerate to trainers at level 44
– Rogue – Added Smoke Trick to trainers at level 18
– Rogue – Keen Eye now increases critical hit chance by 8%, up from 2%
– Rogue – Increased the energy cost of Keen Eye
– Rogue – All versions of Knee Break now show an icon when applied to your target.
– Rogue – All version of Knee Break require the kick skill.  This will mean that all rogues with low kick skill (*cough* all of them *cough*) may not be able to hit with this skill until their skill values are raised.
– Rogue – Added Vital Strikes to trainers starting at level 34
– Rogue – Reduced the refresh timer of Elusive Mark to 5 minutes, down from 10
– Rogue – Opponents who are confused by your Feint ability are much more susceptible to attacks like backstab.  Experiment to see what we mean.
– Shaman – Purge I through IV have all increased in effectiveness.
– Shaman – Purge V has been replaced by Wardship of Krigus.
– Sorcerer – Disenchant has increased in effectiveness.
– Sorcerer – Disenchant II, III, and IV have been added to trainers.
– Warrior – Leap Attack is no longer a valid ability.
– Warrior – Killing Blow III is now obtainable at level 50 as intended.

– Focus items have been adjusted statwise. Any focus item that had only focus added to it has had its allocation spread to include an attribute mod as well. This change was made to resolve a problem resulting in crafted focus items giving more focus bonus then intended.
– Crafted quiver recipes are now a part of the work order reward tables starting at level 11. Like other recipes these have a chance of giving a better reward when maxing out at grade A.
– Switching trades now requires more confirmations.
– Changing specializations now requires more confirmations.
– Initiate and Journeyman level cornerstones now require fewer resources.
– Fixed bug that caused some higher rarity tools to not be recognized (blame deconstruction)
– Rune of blocking and rune of mitigation have been rebalanced
– Stiff Leather Armor Upgrade recipe now gives proper rewards.
– You no longer receive utility coin for finishing the tutorial.
– You now receive a small amount of coin for completing the “Learning Recipes” quest.
– An issue with the artificer “Business Partner” quest recipe has been fixed.
– The crafting outpost near the Kerash Wall has been removed.
– Weskan Tahl has moved to help Southwatch.
– Fixed isse that was causing max A decon tables to return no dusts for artificer
– Gregan is no longer interested in pewter statues. He wants something else instead.
– Many crafted tools and pieces of equipment have had appearance/icon updates.
– Some incorrectly priced crafting equipment has been fixed.
– Dien Hatelt now actually teaches outfitter recipes.
– Social clothing belts should now show up properly.
– Starting crafting equipment has been updated.
– Finally found and fixed issue causing some bags to say you do not have enough inventory space
– Etching Knives have been renamed to Engraver
– Crafted cloaks should now have a graphic when equipped
– Gift of Might should now proc on hit instead of spell case when put on heavy armor
– Fixed bug causing items below level ten to be deconstructable. This was resulting in empty parts.
– The blacksmith journeyman tier quest refining recipe now produces ingots.
– Martok blacksmiths now actually have to turn in their assembled hammer to Gratosha before getting one back.
– A few typographical errors and incorrect name references in a some of the crafting novice quests have been corrected.
– The Pankor Zhi initiate quest items are all now located just outside of Pankor Zhi itself.
– The initiate quest now always requires 3 items, no matter what continent you are on.
– Some assembly stations at outposts were not functioning properly. These have been fixed.
– Complications and Quality recipe of the tutorial has had its total action points reduced.
– Fixed an issue that was causing some bows and crossbows to fail during upgrading.
– Fanatic’s Spear of Combustion and similar items now show the proper stats.
– Skipping the crafting tutorial no longer gives you any items.
– You can now deconstruct diplomacy clothing, jewelry, and held items
– The quest “The Swordsmith’s Apprentice” now only requires one nickel ore.
– Social clothing has had some name/color corrections.
– Added more compelling crafting complication complexity
– Crafted arrows max stack size has been doubled
– Ammo recipes rewards per grade have been doubled
Grade D: 40
Grade C: 60
Grade B: 80
Grade A: 100
Grade A+: 200
– Harvesting – The chance of receiving rare rewards while harvesting has been increased.

– Diplomacy skill progression altered to be a bit easier to gain skill points above skill 39 and below skill 470. For instance, at skill 50 it takes approximately 5 completed parleys against a skill 50 opponent to gain a skill point – it will now take approximately 4.5 completed parleys. You may experience a gain in skill points as a result of this change.
– Sa’id Modabi will now parley in the “Clear Evidence” quest.
– Some NPC decks have been adjusted slightly. Should be slightly easier for lower levels, possibly more difficult for mid skill levels.
– A number of quests are now available that only require 12 presence in their parleys.
– The Ethanol Potion Vendor “Mixmaster Macken” now offers a small selection of beverages. He would like to draw your attention to the research potion “Macken’s Wisdom” which may provide a permanent Diplomatic benefit, or a disastrous result.
– Craeyn Summerglow, the wood elf Civic Diplomacy trainer, no longer thinks she is a citizen of Tursh and will no longer flip out like a ninja to those who are friendly with the wood elves.
– Jade Soulfire Teardrop now has no special requirements to equip.
– All tier 1 Diplomacy earrings have increased Presence – example, a 1 Presence Earring is now worth 6 Presence.
– All tier 2 Diplomacy earrings have increased Presence – example, a 5 Presence Earring is now worth 16 Presence.
– All tier 1 Diplomacy footwear has increased Presence – example, a 5 Presence Boot is now worth 9 Presence.
– All tier 2 Diplomacy footwear has increased Presence – example, a 15 Presence Boot is now worth 20 Presence.
– Bug with equipping Diplomacy info belt corrected.
– Bug with equipping some Diplomacy chest items corrected.
– Grammar fixes to Informants. Learn me a book!
– The Diplomacy information belt item has been moved to the Diplomacy Shoulder slot. It now has a different graphical representation in the game. This is a temporary measure until the information belt item is moved to a new slot entirely.
– Civil Diplomacy – Fixes to Leth, Tursh, Tanvu, and Ca’ail Brael Civic Diplomacy levers. More fixes coming.
– Civil Diplomacy – Power of Faith Civic Benefit now has a more clear mouseover text.
– Hathor Zhi – Fix to “Checkmate” in Dark Elf diplomacy line.  You should now have to watch the fight in the Lecturn before completing the quest at Nalzen.
– Hathor Zhi – New 12 presence quest, “A Dying Man’s Request”, available at Hathor Zhi Outpost.
– Hathor Zhi – New 12 presence quest, “The Centurion’s Edict”, available at Hathor Zhi Outpost.
– Jalen’s Crossing – The 12 presence quest “Bring Him Home” is available in Jalen’s Crossing.
– Jalen’s Crossing – The 12 presence quest “Compiling Our History” is available in Jalen’s Crossing.
– Khal – The Khal to Service: The spawn distances of the Ksaravi have been changed so players do not automatically lose the parley for being out of range. Factions have also been changed so they are not immediately aggro to players who have not completed the parley.
– Martok – New 12 presence quest, “A Regular Stake Out”, available at Martok Docks.
– Martok – New 12 presence quest, “Increasing Fares”, available at Martok Docks.
– Mekalia – Low Constable Tiprey at Neamsog Bunker is now on Upside Alliance Faction.
– Mekalia – Gnome newbie line quest “Call The Constables” can be reacquired if you abandon it and return to the location of Niro Gavea.  This fixes players who are stuck on the line and cannot continue despite abandoning and attempting to reacquire the quest.
– New Targonor – The repeatable quest “Common Thieves” is available in the Heartsworn District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 250 faction with House Heartsowrn to continue building faction.
– New Targonor – The repeatable quest “Intercepting Contraband” is available in the Remniol District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 301 skill to continue building faction.
– Raia Village – The 12 presence quest “Mislead the Envoy” is available in Raia Village.
– Raia Village – New 12 presence quest, “Dropping in on Razi Kordiyeh”, available at Raia Village.
– Tahean’s Vengeance – New 12 presence quest, “Vault of ‘Heroes’”, available at Tahean’s Vengeance.
– Themnwar’s Shield – The 12 presence quest “Foul Gypsies” is available at Themnwar’s Shield.
– Three Rivers – Envoy Renna, the Voice of Kaerellun in Three Rivers, has been temporarily removed for the time being.
– Three Rivers – The 12 presence quest “The Dam” is available in Three Rivers.
– Three Rivers – Legend of Blue Boar Quest: Players must now complete the parley with Falur Veaton before they may talk to Gadin Edson or Ceemi Edson. The quest summary has also been updated to be a little more clear about quest flow completion.
– Three Rivers – Legend of Blue Boar Quest: The Barrel of Blue Boar Ale is now given to the player when they complete the parley with Falur Veaton.
– Tursh – Envoy Krista, the Voice of Kaerellun in Tursh, has been moved to the crossroads between Tursh and Three Rivers.


New Areas: Southwatch and Spire’s Keep

Before the erection of New Targonor there existed another castle of massive proportions from which the kings of Targonor ruled. When the undead armies swept through the Thestran lands, engulfing everything in their path, the castle of Old Targonor fell to the army of bone. Since those times, the undead army continues to amass its forces in the lands surrounding the once great castle. The only thing keeping the undead at bay are the dwarves of Bordinar’s Cleft, humans of Tursh, halflings of Rindol Field, and the high elves of Leth Nurae joining forces to create massive bulwarks between the tainted lands and Southwatch, a once peaceful community ruled by Lord Hugo Heartsworn.  Citizens from all parts of Thestra have congregated in Heartsworn’s land to assist in the war effort, but their resources are dwindling, soldiers are perishing, and vagabonds have realized the opportunity to profit in the chaos. Lord Hugo Heartsworn, residents of Southwatch, and all of those living on the continent of Thestra need the assistance of adventurers to ensure that the undead army will never break through the bulwarks and wash over the continent. Southwatch is intended for solo adventurers and small groups level 30 through 35.

– Cragwind Ridge – Spawn timers have been adjusted on all overland named mobs in Cragwind Ridge for the better.
– Cragwind Ridge – Overland population density has been lightened up a bit.
– Cragwind Ridge – The named in the Shrine events in Cragwind Ridge have been itemized.
– Cragwind Ridge – Cragwind Ridge Shrine event named have been itemized
– Cragwind Ridge – Lord Bamf Kya now only walks the night and will despawn at dawn as originally intended.
– Coldbay Cottage – Added adventuring drops to Madman Prin in Coldbay Cottage.
– Dazar – Dazar, the Cavern of Reflection, has received significant tuning and polish.
– Fallen Grove – Fallen Cove has been itemized and populated
– Marsh of Peril – Rumors of Thorian Glowban’s recent discovery regarding legendary artifacts have been circulating the Celestine Ward, it would appear that the Marsh of Peril has not yet offered up all of its secrets.
– Mekalia – Felgar Dovasig at the Upside Defense Garrison now offers item repairs.
– Quests – Fix to “By Night”.  This should solve the issue with the Large Stalking Wolf not spawning as intended, and allow players to continue the quest.
– Quests – Morfare Council Quest: Page 5 of the Book of Morfare will now actually drop when the correct NPC is killed.
– Quests – Resource Denial: You can now obtain the proper amount of food to complete the quest.
– Quests – The experience reward has been reduced for the quest “Task For Renton Keep: A Watchful Eye”
– Quests – The quest “Terranynth Residue” in the Jharru area now gives the locations of several terranynth camps. The terranyths will also yield residue slightly more often.
– Quests – Strange Things are Afoot – Directions augmented, Warder Pondar should be easier to find.
– Quests – Strange Things are Afoot – The quest should complete in the normal way now, without requiring you to say “Hail” to the NPC.
– Quests – Strange Things are Afoot – Travel journal entry added for Runaway Xacharia
– Quests – Help the Runaway – Captain Fubared’s guards have been reduced from 4 dots to 3 dots.
– Quests – Collecting Ore for Donovan – The pickaxe has been changed from No Trade to Quest
– Quests – Infineum Immunity – Respawn time on the book has been reduced from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.
– Quests – Infineum Immunity – Travel Journal Entry added for the location of the book.
– Quests – Infineum Immunity – The quest objective can now be attained by reading the book, as opposed to answering the book’s questions.
– Quests -  The Ordo Jakala event has been made much easier.
– Quests – The Captain event for the Infineum quest line has been tweaked yet again
– River Palace – The safe point/evac location in the River Palace has been moved slightly.  Players should no longer get stuck inside the altar.
– Skawlra Rock – Leddo Savobar of Camp Skawlra on Skawlra Rock now functions as an item repair merchant and general goods vendor.
– Skawlra Rock – Many of the quest rewards from Skawlra Rock have been fixed to grant the proper amount of statistics.
– Tar Janashir – The starspark trade has begun! Players in and around Tar Janashir can now begin acquiring and learning about starspark salt. Start by finding and speaking with Ava Diba in Starspark Hall.
– Tar Janashir – The starspark trade continues with Kaaras Sejeh at Starspark Hall in Tar Janashir. She now has a quest line available that’s appropriate for level 36 to 40 players.
– Tawar Galan – The place you teleport in to Tawar Galan as been moved off the dock.  This should resolve the problem some people have with falling into the water.
– Thelaseen Dungeon – The rare mementos in Thelaseen have had their maximum duration significantly reduced.
– Thelaseen Dungeon – True Blood Caretakers have had their level lowered to match the other NPCs in their section of the dungeon.
– Thelaseen Dungeon – Lower rarity mementoes will now have a slightly lowered drop rate from chests.
– Thelaseen Dungeon – Several of the named within Thelaseen have been adjusted and now have more powerful abilities.
– Thelaseen Dungeon – The Terulean Broodlord is now immune to many things it was previously not immune to and will no longer flee.
– Thelaseen Dungeon – The brood prince and terulean broodlord now run much faster.
– Trengal Keep – New quest added in Trengal Keep: “Karujin’s Rewakening.” Players who currently have the Binding Ring of Karujin, or who complete the Crux series from now on, will qualify for this repeatable quest. It yields another Binding Ring of Karujin, so you can summon Karujin repeatedly without having to leave Trengal Keep… though not without some effort.
– Tursh – The guards in Tursh will now give correct directions to the general goods vendor.
– Tursh – Moved some NPCs around Central Tursh to improve framerate.
– Tursh – Moved Thestran Market Broker in Tursh to the front porch of the Barley Harvest Inn.
– Veskal’s Exchange – Adventuring trainers for all classes have been added to Veskal’s Exchange
– Wardship of the Sleeping Moon – Players with maximum Celestine Ward faction can now take a quest for an ultra-rare item from Thorian Glowban at the Wardship of the Sleeping Moon.
– Zaraj Arena – Arena enforcers in the Zaraj arena are no longer attackable.
– Zaraj Arena – The platinum event in Zaraj Arena now yields 60 coins instead of 90.
– Zaraj Arena – Arena Enforcers can no longer be attacked.

– Infineum Plates Greaves will now show up as an assembly recipe for those of sufficient skill.
– The wording on the Binding Ring of Karujin has been clarified.
– High-end weapons are in the process of being retuned with raiding in mind and may have skewed statistics until the next patch.  For the very few that have these, please remain calm and patient.
– Sets of Kojani Superior Protector’s, Oracle’s, Brute’s and Wayfarer’s heavy armor should now have a visible appearance
– Armor specifically tailored to heavy users has had +dodge removed and reallocated on it
– Players can no longer repeatedly loot Krenkel’s tooth.
– Heroic loot off of Nishek is now soulbound and has had it’s stats tweaked
– Zaraj Potions now have a 60 second refresh timer.
– The enchanted amulet that allows access to the depths of Dargun’s Tomb is now soulbound.
– The following quest rewards are now properly marked as Soulbound:
Carmella’s Longbow, Carmella’s Heavy Crossbow, Carmella’s Deflection, Carmella’s Wall, Celestine Helm, Celestine Crown, Celestine Cap, Celestine Skullcap, Delthia’s Earring of Divinity, Delthia’s Earring of Force, Delthia’s Earring of Regeneration, Delthia’s Earring of the Keen Eye, Ice Drake Scale Ring of Accuracy, Ice Drake Scale Ring of Divinity, Ice Drake Scale Ring of Health, Ice Drake Scale Ring of Power, Thestran Watch Shield, Watch Drum, Thestran Watch Pendant

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  1. João Carlos says:

    I was crafting at Southwatch before this patch. Now the village have a bindstone and a missive post.

    I guess that the NPCs at the wall and at the fortress now have quests for level 30 characters. The place was full with crafters before, I guess now it will be full with crafters, adventurers and diplomats…

    Well, it will lag like Three Rivers.

    Geregor Bedstone
    dwarf, Florendyl
    DwarvenHolt Guild
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 21

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