Bugs.. bugs.. and more bugs..

That’s my templar Dasie to the right.. but what’s wrong with that cloak on the left?!

So Vanguard is not the only game with bugs, seems like EQ2 was hit with one (or two, or three) when they installed the latest patch as well. I noticed as I hung around the broker in NQ that some people’s cloaks have taken on some interesting characteristics. For example in the screen shot here.. the cloak is side ways, and in front of the persons face. Behind me was another cloak, floating directly beside (and side ways) its wearer. Cloaks are rebelling! Watch out!

Vanguard has been especially annoying with their latest set of bugs, people who have been playing will know it well as the appearance bug. The one where you can log in 20 times and each time you look like someone new. Saving and loading a new character template does not fix it. So once my character looked some what similar to my original, I decided to just play like that. Also noticed that in diplomacy, when I switched gear around to get +25 with the nobles for a quest, it didn’t acknowledge the new gear. I logged out and back in and the gear showed up finally. It was reading 3 when it should have been 24. Grumbles.

Still debating with myself on which game to play and which one to get rid of. While Vanguard is “beta in a box”, it’s also new and fresh. My server is thriving (for how long, I’ve no idea). There’s plenty of “spheres” to work on. EQ2’s population may be lacking, but there’s a bunch of new quests. A very small population which is my issue. Three high level characters that I worked very hard on, and some crafters I wouldn’t mind working up. Is it worth it though? I’m really not sure. I’m reluctant to consider paying the $29.99, I could have TWO Eq2 accounts with 12 character slots for that rate, and just box. Sorry to drone on about a topic that everyone else is also commenting on, but it’s a hefty decision. I’ve got a month at least.

So in EQ2 I worked on my tailor. Got her to level 30. Farmed for her with my 70 fury, got some (useless) loam rares, and a root (wuwu!) chattered with one of my good friends on Najena and heard all about her boxing adventures with her husband. It was nice to catch up. On Vanguard, I did diplomacy. How do people get special bags to carry around all of their hearsay and evidence etc? I really need one. By the end of the evening I’d moved to 67 diplomacy (I think.. maybe I’m lower I can’t quite remember) and picked up a few copper in items, turned in a few hearsay items for some gear and sold some of the lower / older stuff. Banks need to be separated per sphere I think. I have my bank currently filled with crafting materials, harvested goods and powders from mobs, from T1-T2. Then I also have all this extra gear now from diplomacy, which takes up a good portion of my 10-slot bags, so I stash it in the bank when I’m not working diplomacy. Then there’s the crafting gear besides all those supplies I have. I can quickly see this becoming an issue. Blood mages got an invis spell, I’m liking that a lot. I also figured out how to extract the twitching muscle I needed in order to make the damage shield symbiotic piece – mob has to be affected by my root spell before I extract. The type of affliction on the mob will determine the sort of body part I get. Makes sense if you’re a blood mage, trust me. Still only level 20, and not planning on leveling any time soon, but it’s been fun to explore the other spheres. Splitting my time between EQ2 and VG hasn’t been that difficult. I just feel like there’s nothing really to do in EQ2, even with the new epic line in, and unrest, and the new L&L’s scattered around.

5 Responses to Bugs.. bugs.. and more bugs..

  1. Gothun says:

    Yeah, I was in a raiding guild too, but it’s not all that great once you get into it. People take it too damn seriously and stuff. I mean, you have to take it seriously, but to a certain extent. After the MT is screaming at everyone, that’s when it gets out of hand. And then, I betrayed to conj (biggest mistake ever), and here I am now.

    But yeah, if you ever want to play or somethnig, just let me know. =D

  2. stargrace says:

    Heh thanks for the offer Gothun but I’m not looking to start over or have you start over etc on Lucan, I was in a top end raiding guild for 6 months with my gals, and that’s what I’m missing from EQ2 since LDL can’t seem to support a single raid guild any more without it falling completely apart (last one dissolved completely after VG came out).

  3. Gothun says:

    I’ll come play on Lucan if you want, I haven’t touched Eq2 in a long time and would really like to get back into it, even if that does mean leveling up another character. =/ I dread it, but I’d do it for a friend. =)

    And I just found out that for the longest time after using havn’t, it’s actually haven’t. God I feel stupid. o_O

  4. MrrX says:

    The diplo bag quest is between Tawar Galan and Cail Brael. As you head to CB, there’s two trees connected by a bridge, and the NPC Raisoor is up on the bridge. Bring Noble presence gear – you need either 12 or 15 points, I forget which.

    It’s a bummer the SA decision is so hard on you. I’m sure you’ll make a good decision, don’t worry about it. Go with your gut feel, don’t let your head tie you up in knots.

    If you make a mistake after all, you can fix it next month !

  5. Adele says:

    LOL OMG too funny… that is like the cow I once saw in SQ impaled on a stake… I thought there was some odd sacrificial rite going on.

    Maybe that toon is just so hideous that the devs had no choice but to cover his face for fear of everyone turning to stone once viewing it?

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