Crafting and Diplomacy

Chi Sau Lotusfield, located in a building next to the harvesting trainer

Ok. Not sure what’s up but I’ve tried to write this article three times now to no avail. So here’s try number four. I did diplomacy. I finally beat the above npc and it was annoying as hell. It took me forever to figure out the key to beating him, but once I did it was so refreshing to have that quest completed. I hate the way the quest journal can not be organized by area, or level, or anything for that matter. How do I remember if one quest was gotten in Tanvu vs. another quest gotten in a random outpost on the way to Khal. Really wish they’d fix that. Picked up the infineum cloak quest with Rasklnikov, hopefully we can work on that some this weekend. Would be nice to be wearing a cloak. Think of it like a heritage quest from Eq2.

Switched my crafting around (again). For once I don’t care about housing, or furniture, so there was no desire to remain as an artificer. I switched for outfitting, since a majority of my characters wear cloth (or medium) and bags are never a bad thing. I hate spending money on gear, I’m always fairly broke. I’ll figure out how to make money later.

The bane of my exhistance, frenzied dreadwing venom, finally, FINALLY completed yesterday, I needed 10 of the things, for Ulla, NW of her tower. Only one or two ever seem to spawn though, and with others hunting for them, yeah. Not a fun quest. It took me about four hours to complete that one portion I think.

I’d post longer, as I had that nice long post already typed out I’m feeling cranky so I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. Happy hunting, with double exp (adventure / kill only) this weekend, it’ll be interesting to see how populated it is in game.

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  1. MrrX says:

    That looks like a good deck. If he feeds you a lot of yellow, and gets a lot of varied expression points, that would work nicely.

    Keep documenting what works, and remember – go sooner, rather than later, to another city and you’ll smoke the NPC’s there for Diplomacy.

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