Me? A Tank?

Help me, please, and you shall be rewarded

I decided that the blood mage was just not for me. I’ve played healers in pretty much every MMO, and while they’re fun, they’re also just not my thing after some time (hence me moving from Templar -> Fury -> Illusionist in EQ2), and I always have been an alt-o-holic, so I made a little paladin to test the waters a bit, after hearing some good things about the class (I actually hear good things about every class. Except Rogues. Who are broken). Anyone who knows me to any degree, knows I never play tanks. Ever. I have one of almost everything in EQ2, same with EQ1 where I have a 70 rogue, enchanter, and cleric, but never a tank-type class. I’ve tried and have always found that they’re just simply not my thing.

Until Vanguard.

After a few hours I’m already in love with my paladin. It’s nice not to be so squishy. Yes, my dps is a little slow, but I can tank, and heal. In white gear (that’s gear with no stats at all, just ac) I can tank three-dots my level or one above. I’m only level 9, but wow. So much fun. So will I stick it out? Well, we’ll see. I’m certainly excited about the class, and that’s always a huge bonus.

It helps that the high elf areas are exceptionally well done. Very pretty. Lots of quests, though I’m in dire need of a mail box some time. I haven’t been to the city yet, just exploring my way along. I wish day time lasted a bit longer in game, I know they want everything to be equal but it’s night time and raining far too often. In WoW and EQ2 I never had to use a torch of any kind to light my way, in Vanguard when the sun goes down it’s time to bring out that trusty torch or else you’ll be walking into trees and fae and other sorts of things.

Been playing a bit on EQ2 as well. I bought my Illusionist a guild level 60 mount, all armoured. I’ll post some screen shots of it here later.

3 Responses to Me? A Tank?

  1. Satia says:

    Thank you :) I love being nosey about others MMO experiences as well (hence me canceling my WoW account but still avidly reading up on those who still play). I’m not certain that my Vanguard account is going to make the cut either, but in the mean time it’s fun to play. :)

  2. Saylah says:

    You’re really adding some great posts here. Even though I’m cancelled my Vanguard subscription, it’s interesting to see what you’re doing in the game. I mean, wow, you’ve really increase the frequency of posts. And I’m a sucker for screenies. The only thing more fun than reading someone’s personal accts of game play, it’s seeing the pics of games I’m not playing.

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