Dasie, who some how got dropped from group – hey wait. I’M Dasie…

I did my first Unrest group yesterday, having very fond memories of this EQLive zone it was certainly a walk down memory lane. Exceptional care was taken with this zone. The script was fun, even if the zone itself is quite long to complete. About 3 hours total with a few breaks. We wiped twice, both times from shiny traps. Those shinnies are killers. Literally. The first time spawned a whole lot of billy dolls onto us, and the second time just spawned.. stuff. Lots of stuff. The on our way back after the first wipe the Bugaboo (level 80 epicx2 who HAS been killed – just not on my server) decided he’d like to chew a few group members.

There were a few favorite parts for me, of course my least favorite part would have to be when you’re in the kitchen area at the lockers and when the zombie pop in front of your screen much like the halloween crow reward did – scare the living daylights out of you especially if you’re not expecting it and no one warned you. It also actually scared me when the picture below happened to my screen, as though it were possessed. VERY awesome effect.

… just plain scarey

Couldn’t even see my group members, only the skull and the eerie static, mixed between the sounds of the house which I eventually turned down. So what I’m a big baby! The loot was not too bad. The vendor trash loot sold for fairly well, 15-17g each piece. Stuff that was of no use for anyone to actually wear, but again, plenty dropped as vendor trash. It was also a lucky run my first time through. The group consisted of myself playing Dasie (my templar) a 70 Shadowknight, Wizard, Necromancer, Fury, and a 68 Paladin. The templar legendary class hat dropped, so Dasie won that. She also got a legendary dagger with a disease proc on it that will come in handy on the fae dirge I’ve decided to level up (eventually). The end boss typically drops one of the legendary set chest pieces – and I didn’t care which one dropped so long as someone from the group could make use of it. Typically they just end up rotting. Thankfully earlier on in the zone I was going to box my illusionist / fury along – but then a second fury joined the group so I switched both out and just brought my templar (the templar and illusionist are on the same account so I could not bring both). I had camped the illusionist out in the zone, and it was probably a good thing I did, as the illusionist/coercer robe dropped at the end. It’s a very pretty dress, dark purple with lighter purple markings.

Another wonderful house trophy

As the final boss went down, I got some mail which I was expecting, and joyfully placed the skull in Dasie’ inn room in the Baubleshire. She’s not typically one for keeping such gruesome trinkets, but hey there’s a first time for everything. My advise for this zone – be sure you go in with someone who knows the script. It’s complicated and you could be there a long time if you’re not sure what to do. Get all of the outdoor sections done first, and assign one person to collect the pieces needed to unlock the various doors. We also assigned one person to collect the shinnies, and then we randomed on them so that not just one person hounded them all (though it didn’t exactly work out well) it seems like the more instance runs I do that have shinnies like Nek3.0 and Unrest the greedier people become for them. Two healers meant we could get by without a mezzer, but we probably could have survived with one (good) healer if we’d brought an enchanter along. The zone was not overly difficult, the hag fight, was lots of fun. Freeing people from the jail cells (AFTER the mobs inside were dead, people having learnt that lesson before) was great. All in all, very pleased with this zone and looking forward to completing it on the other characters I have, hopefully a few times. The class hat and chest piece drops make it a very attractive zone to do. As well as some nice legendary jewelry pieces, a wand, a cape, and a few other pretties. If you haven’t been yet, be sure to check it out.

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