An eventful weekend

Stargrace on her pretty new horse

This weekend I actually got a bit done (for once). Well, I didn’t actually get a lot done, but I did finish off ‘Trading Information’ which is one of THE most annoying quests in the entire claymore line. If you hang out in SoS long enough and in the 60-69 channel, you’ll eventually learn of this dreaded quest. Part of the claymore chain and by the time people are through with it they don’t want to go back to SoS any more. I can’t say I blame them. Having already completed the claymore on my fury, I was not exactly that keen to jump right back in and try to complete it on both my illusionist and my templar. Since the templar has yet to even start the dreaded quest, but the illusionist was almost done the SoS portions, I figured I’d try to get some of it done. With Shadowgeist (70 Shadowknight), and a 70 wizard from guild, along with my fury and illusionist (boxed) we spent a few hours in there, clearing what we felt like clearing and training everything else. A master or two dropped and lots of vendor trash which is never a bad thing for me. Under the ‘quick link’ section on the left hand side I have the entire claymore quest posted. I’ve got one more quest to complete in SoS (which is not *horribly* bad, but bad none the less) and then I can move on (finally).

Made a little coin on the broker, but have been spending it as well, gearing up alts and purchasing masters for those of my gals who need them. My fury needs one more master and then she’ll have all of hers. The illusionist and templar both need a few more. I’ve been pondering playing my assassin for a bit, she’s been stuck at level 46 for quite some time now. Would be nice to at least get her to 50.

I still have lots of language quests and L&L quests to go through that I haven’t even attempted yet. Perhaps that’ll be a goal for today, to work on some of those. Couldn’t hurt at least. They do have to get done some time. I boxed the conj and the templar together and finished off the clockwork L&L in Klak’Anon, the kills were a little slow using the conj’s tank pet (not to mention every spell I have is app1 for now until I upgrade – except my pets which are all adept3) so I switched it out for a scout pet. Adds were a small issue but the mobs were mostly green / blue and I had fun working on the quest. The body drops were far too rare, my only issue. Of course there’s gotta be some challenge to the quest other wise why bother.

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  1. Adele says:

    UGH… I have been on Trading Information for months! The end of it too! It is so hard to find a group for that. Grats on getting past it!

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