The Forgotten Zones – Nektulos Forest – Part I

Silverstep hunting down Asilian Vandal’s in Nek Forest

There was one other person in Nektulos Forest today while I adventured around, so I consider this to be one of the forgotten zones. It could also just be my servers population, either way. Nektulos Forest is home to 130 individual quests. 26 of those drop from mobs, so if you happen to out level the zone, and are one of those who love to complete all quests, be sure to find someone to mentor. 13 of those quests are book quests, found in various locations on both the Qeynos and Freeport side.

The forest has been revamped in the past year, mobs have moved around and if you haven’t been there in quite some time, I suggest you take a new look. The owlbears have moved locations, as have the various treants. When I was first leveling up the most popular quests were the Maid of the Mist access to Enchanted Lands, as well as the access quest to Cauldron’s Hollow. Unfortunately the  requirement for access was removed quite some time ago, though the quest itself still remains for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

On my venture for level 20-27 items I picked up each one of the Far Seas Requisitions from the docks, they each reward a nice item that I can transmute. Quest is from a table. They’re pretty annoying now that I have no idea where half of the mobs are located, I’m seriously wishing my fury had track. I also picked up the quest from the Augur along the docks, and I went and visited Bandit Kleron Asana who had a series of quests for some level 20 gear (if you’re looking for gear that doesn’t cover the armor quest slots, be sure to visit him, he has earring and hat quests). Do people even wear quested gear any more? I’m not sure how good they are with all of the player crafted out there, but it’s transmutable none the less.

I made sure to complete the griffin egg quest, being able to fly across the zone is a nice luxury that wasn’t around when I first started. The grinnins seem to have moved their way from the falls and I could only find a few spread throughout. Nektulos Forest is home to quite a few instances. There is Nektulos Castle, then the castle 2.0 and the castle 3.0. There’s also the Bloodline Chronicles adventure pack zone behind the main waterfall, home of vampires and other evils. The wizard spires will take you to the Barren Sky, and you can also reach the Island of Marr from the docks. The docks also lead to the Enchanted Lands (what was once misty thicket if you’re familiar with EQLive), Lavastorm, and Thundering Steppes. You can also hang out by the harbor master and wait for the boat to take you to Butcherblock Mountain. The Commonlands grace the other end of the zone. I’ll have more quests and screen shots to post tomorrow for part II.

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  1. Cuppycake says:

    I actually really liked Nektulos Forest. When I did the quests on my necro I had a blast with the quest line. Too bad there are so many forgotten zones already…its as if the game has been out 8 years like EQ rather than 2.5 years =x

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