Back in the swing of things

A new pretty for Dasie

I’m slowly getting back into things in game, besides working up the lowbie quests in order to find supplies to cater to my transmuting needs, I’ve been edging my way into some small raids. I did the alliance raid for Deathtoll last week, and then a few days later was asked if I wanted to join in a Lyceum raid this Saturday night, as well as a Labs raid next Saturday. Last night having a small itch for a simple raid Shadowgeist set up a quick and easy courts run. Courts is T6, and can be completed almost with one group. We had about five guild members on and invited some random pick ups to fill the second group. There was only one small hitch.

I played both of the healers in the main tank group, and our only other healer was a fury for the second group.

Surprisingly enough, we only had one wipe, at the very end on the Queen. There was no power regen in group one, so fighting both named with out a power regen break proved to be a bit more then we could handle. We quickly rebuffed and finished her off, raid successful. Everyone ended up with something, which is the great thing about T6 raids. Between upgrades for alts, and crafting supplies that dropped, the majority of people ended up with a master or fabled item of some sort, and two crafting items each.

Since I was playing both the fury and the templar in the main tank group, I had my doubts. First of all could my computer even handle me raiding with two accounts? (answer to that is yes, on balanced settings none the less!) Could I keep the main tank (and the rest of my group) alive? There were a few fights that were close, it’s very hard to cure and heal at the same time, but we managed. I do not think I could play both MT healers in a T7 raid, especially not with the cures that are required (trama in labs for example). Was it fun? Yes! Stressful as well though.

Dasie’s second pretty of the night, a new belt

I know I’ve done the zone before with her, she’s gotten the hoop of endless time (a templar/inquisitor earring) in the past, it must have been before aa’s were awarded though, as she pinged two full aa while there and finally hit 44. Which is way far behind where I’d like her. On the plus side, she did get the aa ability called “blessing” which grants her group a 25% chance at more procs from items. A very nice aa. I’m hoping to get her to at least 50, I’ve not raided with her hardly at all since T5, she used to be my main character and I switched out quite some time ago. I’ve done a labs raid or two with her, but that’s about it. She hasn’t even started claymore, so unfortunately it looks as though I’ll be trying to at least catch her up to the illusionist and then I can proceed to work on it with both characters at the same time. She is my ‘old school’ EQII character, she has her prismatic 1.0 completed, the scepter of the scale (I think it’s called, I may be mistaken) and fought Darathar when she was level 45. That was pretty scarey way back when. She’s almost completed her Godking weapon, though I rarely ever see people doing that raid any more (mostly due to the huge hassle of farming eyes. If you’ve ever done that raid before you know exactly what I’m talking about). Again I think it’s a shame that the older quests get pushed behind and people rarely ever see that content any more. Even if they wanted to, it requires a raid.

Tonight I’ve been invited to a Freethinkers Hideout raid (with Dasie), I warned the guild who invited me that she’s not exactly geared up for that sort of raid (I should know, I played both the Fury and the Illusionist in Freethinkers in the past) although all of her heals (except one level 70 group reactive) are master quality at least. She also has a master of her hp buff, holy redoubt, which gives almost 1k flat hp. Playing a templar is very different from playing the fury. Where the fury can concentrate on group heals and fast casting times, the templar heals are exceptionally slow. It frustrates me some times because I’m used to fast casting times on my heals. The templar can heal a huge amount though, it just takes some time. They also have some of the nicer mitigation and hp buffs. The fury has one mitigation buff (that does not stack) and has no hp buffs at all (though they do have power buffs, where as the templar has none).

So we’ll have to see how tonight goes. Apparently this guild is looking for a raiding templar. Could be an opening for me if all goes well.

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