Brew Day in the Bar of Brell

I shwere, it wash only one.. mebe two.. drinksh

I’m not one for drinking much in real life, but Stargrace and Silverstep have no such reservations. This Friday saw the start of Brew Day, in coordination with St. Patrick’s Day. One thing I do love about EQII is their ability to play upon little real life holidays and include them somehow in the world of Norrath with special rare events and house items (typically). Last year I’d already received the Everlasting Keg (at least on Silverstep) so this year it was time for the party keg. Looking through the world of Norrath as a drunk was very painful on my eyes. I’m glad it did not last that long. The effect is nauseating at best, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for house items. Silverstep recently lost all of her house items in a fire (also known as me miss-clicking the relinquish house button.. sighs..) so she’s starting from scratch. An excuse to decorate I say! She’s now the proud owner of four books, the new party keg, a monkey, and a robot. OH! Market board as well. Can’t forget that.

I’m planning on working up a new carpenter, perhaps one I can actually level over level 20 (since I’ve started a few) and I’m hoping this will innovate me to become more creative in my decorating. Not that I ever lack for housing ideas. Stargrace remains with the 5-room house, Dasie with an Inn room in Baubleshire where she’s refused to leave, and Silverstep with a new 3-room.

This weekend – joined a raid on Friday night that I wish I’d never joined. All sorts of warning signs blinked off before we’d even started. I was playing my templar, who is not as well geared as the other two level 70’s I have. I was the only healer in my group, and I was in the off tank group. I had no power regen (neither bard nor enchanter) and it just all went down hill from there. I was grouped with a guardian (who surprisingly enough was not the main tank) a zerker, an assassin, and a bruiser. Tough on the poor templar to say the least. I always prefer my fury healing groups rather then the slow casting templar. Templars are great for hp buffs, they’re great for mitigation buffs, they’re great for reactives, but when the MT goes down and the off tank has to step up to the plate, a lone little templar is not going to do squat. My second sign that something was wrong, was when I was 1-2-3 on the parse list for every fight. Templars should not be out parsing the MT healers, especially not shaman, and rarely druids. Not in an off tank group. I wasn’t even geared up vs. the raiding guilds actual healers. Granted, she does have M1 of all of her heals, but in an off tank group I can’t use any of my single target reactive spells or they’ll over write the inquisitor ones needlessly. There were only 6 healers, so I suppose being 3rd on the list below the mystic and inquisitor was not that bad, but I’ve played every single healing class in EQII, and I’ve raided for quite some time. Parse lists (if healers are doing their jobs) shouldn’t typically look like that – of course there are always exceptions, and the MT healers should typically be out parsing everyone.

I worked on various quests in the EoF zones, getting 91 ap on the illusionist, and 83 on the fury. They’re slowly finishing that portion off. The fury is also at 120 transmuting now, I mentored my 29 mystic and farmed Ruins of Varsoon for a while, collecting any adepts and masters I could find, as well as legendary. It’s slow going (to work the skill up) but it’ll be worth it for me in the end. I refuse to pay the outrageous price adornments are going for. I’ll have to start farming for tinkering again on the illusionist, I’m waiting for GU (game update) 33 to go in though, so that the resources needed are halved. Going to be nice.

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