Euktrzkai Amda– who?

Dasie listening to Euktrzkai Amdaatk – who has one of the longest speeches (besides Valdoon!) ever

I’ve had an influx of raid invites lately, and it’s nice but also a bit overwhelming at times. Especially because I get individual invites on separate characters, for different days. Yesterday a former guild member was taking his alliance through labs (which they also did the previous week) and asked if I’d like to come along with my templar. I was a bit hesitant simply because of the bad raid experience the night before, but I said sure, I love labs. The raid could not have gone any smoother. There was one wipe, and they were back up and ready to fight again in a matter of seconds (the whole room including a far reached named was accidentally pulled) – Vyemm died on the first pull, always a good sign. The tank did an amazing job even if he did die a few times, the backup tanks were superb (I was in the backup group with an assassin, illusionist, a guardian, shadowknight, and a fury who went LD and was replaced with a defiler). The loot system was random nbg (need before greed) – one fabled and one legendary per person. Which means that you could technically be unlucky on every single roll for months and never win a thing – but the possibility for upgrades is at least there even for the newcomers. It’s something most raids don’t have. If you’re a guest you should never expect to be getting any loot.

Once that raid was completed I relogged to my fury and was asked to a clockwork raid right away, it was too late for me though I was just checking sales and heading out for the night. My fury and illusionist were invited to a Lyceum raid today, the templar was invited to a different Lyceum raid today, and also invited to a Freethinkers Hideout (with the guild who’s raid experience I was less then happy about on Friday night) raid. I am not going to go to all of them, thank goodness, but in the mean time it is nice to be raiding again. I wish it were with my own guild but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve been trying to figure out which classes (if any) I’d like to level up, since I’ve got the two separate accounts now, and I think I’ve decided on the mystic (who is going to betray to defiler) and a troubador. The troubador will also be a carpenter, since I’ve wanted one forever. I’d like an armor smith as well, but I’ll just wait on that. I still have issues with the server population, especially vs. other servers but I’m making due and it’s not always so bad. One thing I have noticed, hanging out on random teamspeak and vent servers with everyone I’ve raided with – everyone makes fun of everyone else, and gossip, is the key word. I’ve heard so much general ‘stuff’ about other people from other guilds over the past few days, it’s just astounding. People making fun of people and random tid bits of who’s staying who’s leaving who’s doing what with whom. People are interesting to say the least.

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  1. Adele says:

    Troubies are fun! I like mine. I think they are so cute when they play their instruments!

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