Lyceum and Labs, and a whole lot of fun

The ap distribution between Illusionist (91 ap total) – Fury (83 ap total) – Templar (48 ap total)

Sunday was a great day in EQII at least. I was offered to raid Lyceum with some people that I didn’t really know that well, boxing my fury and illusionist, but at the last moment as I was clearing through the remainder of Valdoons, a friend asked if I wanted to come raid with their guild and clear Lyceum and then Labs afterwards. I was also asked if I wanted to give Banished a second shot and raid with them on my Templar – I declined after Fridays raid experience.

So the Illusionist headed to Lyceum, a zone I remember fondly. I frowned at myself for not having yet completed to speak as a dragon. I need draconic in order to acquire the quest located outside the zone just up on a ridge. I’ll have to get that done this week maybe so that I’m ready to do the quest next week. Both raids went off painlessly, and it was a lot of fun. I declined from using ventrilo, wasn’t really needed having been there so many times in the past anyhow. I was also invited back tonight, to do HoS (Halls of Seeing) so that’s a plus. Their guild leader is on hiatus at the moment, getting settled into a new place I believe. Their back up tank is fantastic at his job, and the raid was quickly filled, even over-filled in fact. It was the type of raid experience that I miss having in Torrent Knights. They’ve got a close family atmosphere, and everyone had fun.

The Illusionist finally got her Time Compression ap. A huge bonus. It’s a buff that can be placed on anyone in my group (other then myself) and reduces recast timers, as well as casting timers, and recovery timers by a portion that’s fairly significant, wizards love me for it. I’ve also got illusory arm, which is a permanent buff for 25% double attacks – both melee and ranged. Match that with my own dps (which is not too bad for an enchanter), power regen (which at times I wish I had less of – if I’m below 20% power I do 20% more dps) mezing, and various other tricks of the trade that illusionists have, and I’m a pretty nice support class.

As I looked over the ap set up for each of my level 70 characters, it surprised me to see where they sat. The fury has actually completed the most quests out of the three, but she has only recieved ap for a small portion of them. The templar who was my main for the first two years of the game, has barely any ap at all. The Illusionist, who was my new(est) main has the most ap out of all three characters, and most of those are from quest turn ins – even though the fury has been mentoring for a majority of quest turn ins. I wish I could see that list broken down even further, a list of quests I’ve recieved ap from, a list of items I’ve collected giving ap, and exploration events so I could see what I was missing. Is there even such thing? A list some place of exploration events so people can check each one and see if they’ve gotten the ap for it? Not sure, sounds like a fun (and time consuming) project though. Now that the Illusionist has TC I’m not sure where to go next. There is the Fireknight pages that both fury / illusionist really should be collecting, as well as the various signature quests that neither has done, and the illusionist needs to complete some more claymore steps – she’s on the final SoS portion now, and can move (finally) to PoA shortly. She also needs to work on DT access. The only difficulty with working more then one level 70 up. I’m sure once the newest expansion comes out I’ll slack behind on the fury and just work up the illusionist, but in the mean time they’re both fairly up to par (the fury already has her claymore as well as DT access) so I’ve got the time.

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