Face to Face with Venekor and other musings

Silverstep, sitting on the throne in Kaladim, doesn’t she look purdy?

Yesterday was another fun day, I was invited with the same raid group from Sunday to do HoS (Halls of Seeing) with them. Now, I had already attempted HoS on Friday night with my templar, I posted about my experiences there being less then impressive, in fact they were quite painful. Due to the fact that I was with what once was a ‘hardcore’ raid guild, I expected far more from them. So when I went again on Monday night, it was a huge relief and a whole lot of fun. I joined their ventrillo channel to listen in, and partake in a few conversations. I use ACT and my G15 keyboard to time AoE’s on encounters, so I called out the AoE’s where I could to warn people that they were incoming. I was also parsing 3-5 the entire raid which is always nice for an enchanter.

Today I’m going to work up my transmuting *shudders* and not looking forward to that at all. My characters could really use some adornments, and it’s so much cheaper then having to buy them. Especially if I get gear upgrades and need more, or just want different adornments for different gear. I’m going to spend at least 40p working the skill, and see how far I can get it on that money. I’m at 150 currently (Just able to do T4 items) and I’m hoping that coin will get me to T6.

I also have a lot of L&L to complete, and a lot more quests. I’m still sitting at 93ap and I’d like to get 100 (on the Illusionist). It looks as though I may be able to raid Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday with this new group that I’ve been raiding with, and I hope it continues. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

One of these days I’d also like to work on the fireknight pages. A long annoying quest that I’m really not keen on starting. I think I’ve gotten a few general pages as I hung around Loping Plains and New Tunaria, but none of the harder ones quite yet. Ewies.

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  1. Cordanim says:

    Back to EQ2? Haven’t talked in ages…MSN me! :)

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