A whole lot of grinding

Silverstep’s Weapon wall – well, former weapon wall

So yesterday I decided I’d dedicate myself to transmuting and see how far I could raise the skill on 50 plat. I hate the price of the adornments out there even though I know they’re quite reasonable for the amount of resources they take. For example, each T6 adornment (treasured mind you, not legendary or fabled which require even more) take at least 10 adept1’s or treasured gear plus the cost of fuel. That’s a whole heck of a lot of money. Not to mention not every combine gives a skill up. In fact, now that I’m sitting at a skill of 260 (which means I can make T6 adornments now, and can transmute items up to level 57) it seems that it’s every 3-4th combine that gives me a skill up. That’s roughly over 1,500 T6 adepts and treasured pieces of gear. When you’re level 70 that’s very difficult to get, though I do have a level 52, they’re in an uncomfortable stage, where it’s either too low or too high for them to achieve.

On the other hand, I am exceptionally happy that I got the skill that high in one day. Again, it did cost me 50p, but that’s what I’d allotted myself to spend and I knew from the start that it would be a costly endeavor. Since the guild has broken apart the remaining members are without a transmuter, and I offered to make what I could or to at least turn their adepts / treasured gear into supplies for them so that they could in turn find the proper crafters and have them made, instead of spending huge amounts of money on the broker for adornments. Are adornments even that important? Well, it’s a matter of perspective really. I know quite a few people who play just fine with none at all. However, it does help. The plus to stats are always nice with the new cap limit, the plus to spell damage is also very nice. I have some plus healing ones on the healers, and I’m looking to be able to make the + int ones.

So, any suggestions on how to farm T6 things? I know I can run poets a few times, the mobs are all green and the items are transmutable T6 stuff. That includes the no trade fabled items, so that’s always very nice. T7 at least will be easier for me, since I can just farm that myself, my own level. I can also run instances like nest and collect easy things to transmute to make into items. It’s going to be T6 that’s the “hell” level for me though. Already dreading it and I’m 10 points into it (I need another 40 points… ew.. )

On a side note, I live on the 11th floor of an apartment building, and last night at about 9:30pm the fire alarms started going off. I own a kitty as well, and typically bring her with me when the fire alarms go off, but it was -22c outside, and I didn’t see any smoke or hear anything unusual (the building is known for pranksters pulling the alarm) so rather then risk her to the freezing cold outside, I left her at home and me and Shadowgeist trucked our way into the chilly winter air. 30 minutes later they let us back into the building, no fire in sight. Ugh. Walked back up the 11 flights of stairs because the elevators of course were packed with people also trying to get back to their houses. Needless today, my legs are sore from walking up and down those stairs. A woman outside had her kitty tucked into her jacket (mine would never tolerate that) so next time I’ll pack her up and take her to the car in the garage, at least then I’m not worrying over her being in the building still and she can stay warm. How’s that for excitement. I’d have rather just played EQII.

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