Back into the Fae

Tulips, the newest addition

Worked transmuting to 285 yesterday, which means I can now transmute up to level 62 items for components, though I can still only physically make the items from 50-59 until I hit a skill of 300. I’m glad I’m getting it all done now, and I don’t want to ever have to do that again. I’ve spent 65 plat on the project thus far, and have been farming the T6/7 stuff myself from poets and random adventuring zones. Each combine still takes 11 adepts (roughly) so that’s a whole lot of money being spent when I get a skill up now roughly every 4-5 combines. Still, I’m one of those people who enjoy being able to do everything herself as far as gear goes and in the long run I think it will benefit me to be able to make my own adornments and components for adornments.

On that note, I decided it was time to expand my alt-ness and create some new gals to play around on. Not just adventuring but also in the crafting realm, in fact probably more so in the crafting realm then anything else, I wanted a carpenter and an armorer. So I made Tulips (above) my new fae troubador, and I also made Flirt, my new fae guardian. Wait. Did I just say I made a guardian? A tank class? Something must be wrong with me. That’s right, I decided to give it a whirl. Do I expect my guardian to actually get anywhere? No, not really. I can level her using my healers though and mentoring from the other account, and tanks lately have been in high demand, they sort of get screwed. You only need one or two tanks on a raid, but you need one in every single group (at least instances, perhaps not if you’re just doing solo stuff) so they level up fast, but then get forgotten when it comes to raiding. Healers are also needed and level up fast, but there is such an abundance of them lately that mine are rarely needed. I’d like to level up my mystic a little just to see what they’re like end game, since I already have the 70 templar and fury.

Some others on the server have noticed the sharp decline in population – not in the game in general because honestly I see plenty of people still playing, but on Lucan D’Lere a lot of people have been transfering. In some cases, it’s been a good thing, we’ve lost some server troublemakers that I am not sorry to see go. In other cases entire role play guilds have decided to move to the other server in search of a larger player base. I keep /feedbacking to see if perhaps SoE will offer free character transfers again because that is the only way I’ll be able to move. I am not about to pay $50 per character to move all 8 that I currently have and because I’m so keen on the whole ‘being self reliant’ aspect, I’d be heartbroken if I had to give any of them up.

Because both coercers and illusionists seem to be in some what of a high demand, I was contemplating creating a coercer on one account and leveling them up slowly, then I’d have my choice of coercer or illusionist, but erms, I think perhaps I was getting a wee bit carried away *grins*

I’ve been having fun in game at least (incase that’s hard to tell). It was difficult adjusting to the fact that my best friend stopped playing completely (and now is saying he’s not going to play Vanguard either) and that the guild is no more, but it’s not that difficult to find another little niche for myself. I’ve at least been raiding, questing, and well ok so I haven’t been crafting much besides transmuting but now that I can at least do the beginning of T6 I can get back to the regular crafters. Too much time on my hands? Of course, but everyone needs a hobby. Does it interfere with my real life (the little bit that I have) I don’t think so. I’m reading a great book by Tad Williams called Shadowmarch, and with Easter coming up there’s some family events to attend to (not that my family is overly religious but we do have a nice dinner). Got a new vacuum, granted that’s not exciting at all *grins* anyhow, enough of my boring life!

4 Responses to Back into the Fae

  1. Illyria says:

    Hey, don’t leave Lucan D’Lere, we need all the decent players we can keep :)

  2. stargrace says:

    @ Gaff, haha, yeah I was very surprised to find out that flirt was not taken, I had expected it to be. I may switch over to a zerker and remake since I’ve just created her, for a little more dps. I’m mainly looking for something that can handle tanking instances and maybe the odd simple raid here and there. My boyfriend plays a shadowknight and has tanked pretty much everything out there including some Emerald Halls named, so I certainly can learn a lot about playing a tank class as I go.

    Thank you for the comments!

  3. Gaff says:

    I have been playing a tank for a very long time now–since my MUD days, and it is fun to be the center of attention, providing you know what your doing :) However, I have had much better luck duoing my mystic with a beserker, just because of the damage needed in a two ‘toon combo. My guard just doesn’t deal that much, but he has a lot more taunts it seems, and a lot more group mitigation/damage intercepts. None of that really helps if your just duoing.

    I did spec my mystic down the Agility Tree–once he finished it out he really deals some damage–I always engage him in melee. Something to think about.

    Good luck on your new alts! I love the names :) Any time you can name a ‘toon a verb your doing something right.I can’t believe “Flirt” wasn’t taken.

  4. I must say, I find myself getting the same feeling playing a tank as I do playing a healer. It’s fun to be responsible for taking care of a group offensively. They really count on you.

    That being said, if you like seeing the numbers fly… then maybe it’s not for you.

    Enjoy the new characters! Great blog!

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