Brief Update

Just a brief update today, yesterday the site hit it’s highest hits-per-day yet, at a little over 1700. I’ve been averaging 1000-1200 a day, which is pretty nice. Most of the hits are for the relic list that I have posted, as well as the claymore quests. Though once someone did type in “EQII breasts” to get the site. As well as “Blow Jobs”….. not that I’ve ever talked about either of those until this second. The only down side to having so many alts is trying to find them all a home. I’m feeling the stings of a depleted guild slightly, there are 5-6 of us who play on occasion still in TK, though there is more like 3 of us who play consistently. It makes for a lonely game. My own fault, I’m picky with who my friends are. I hate having to teach someone how to play their class and I have a high standard. Oh well.

Moody today and it shows. Restless with all the characters. I did some T6 instance runs real fast to see if a master or two would drop (which they did not, of course) and acquired some  transmutables. Crafted a little, worked on tinkering a little. Was invited to a HoS raid and declined, just wasn’t in the mood to do a raid with a bunch of new people. I decided after some comments from Gaff that I’d trade in the fae guardian for a fae zerker, and Flirt was re-born. I got both the zerker and the troubador to level 5, and level 10 in crafting. The zerker will be (hopefully) making her own armour, and the troubador will be making furniture. I played around in the fae’s baby zone, which is quite fun. I’ve done the quests a few times on my higher level characters just for the aa’s on turn in.

Other then that, nothing new to post. Haven’t been in game that much as there was some running around to do. Maybe I can snap out of this mood and be in better spirits tomorrow.

2 Responses to Brief Update

  1. Cuppycake says:

    Isn’t it fun to read the website stats and see the weird things people search for? Totally strange how some people end up on blogs sometimes =P Hehehe.

  2. Gaff says:

    I think you will be happy with the new combo–I am really moving now that I have some AAs to play with. I actually maxed out the mystic’s Agility tree, and he now hits frequently and with great effect, adding some DPS to the zerker.

    Thanks for the link as well–I am already seeing some people come visit from here, but none are seeking the same excitement your post mentions above. At least not yet :)

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