Weekends are for raiding.. and questing.. and friends.. and instances.. and

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This weekend was a mixture of raids, instances, quests, and various other pleasures of EQII. I raided yesterday again, nice calm raids that are always a lot of fun, Lyceum and Labs. Both went flawlessly. Before raids, I was trying to get the tunare orb quest completed that both Dasie (the templar) and Stargrace (the illusionist) have. The quest however is a lot longer then I recall it being. I did get the obelisk portion done though, I had wanted to complete it before raids and that didn’t end up working out, but I did get a few steps done, progress is progress after all. The illusionist also managed to get to 96 aa’s between working that quest, and then later (much later) that night, doing an unrest group. She’d never been before, I’ve only ever gone with the templar, so it was a pretty fun experience.

Died twice, both in the same hallway due to buggy mobs that pull through the walls. It doesn’t seem to matter what MMO I play, that’s always an issue. Well, died to Bugaboo as well at the end, but I was not expecting anything less – although – I did hit him for 400 points of damage. Before he hit me, for 13,000. Not fair! The loots were pretty lame too, the plasma wand (which I have yet to see) of course did not drop, nor did the fabled cloak at the end, and both the set pieces of gear were shadowknight pieces. Which, was of course great for the main tank, and eww for the rest of us (side note, the shadowknight / paladin legendary pieces are silver, which is just girlie! Haha. Poor shadowknights). Still a fun run though. I was on vent for the group and basically just played it as background noise, concentrating on dps performance. Speaking of which, illusionists are wonderful dps and don’t ever let anyone say other wise. On the KoS raids I parse typically anywhere from 1,000-1,600 and on some named fights parse 1,800 if they’re the ones who are melee resistant. It’s all about the procs. There’s pleanty of proc gear out there that I don’t have, but in the mean time the pieces I do have work nicely. I love my dps group, it’s a fury (int buffs, vim etc and wonderfully fast group heals), a wizard (again, their group proc spell rocks) a troubador (who is just amazing in a mage group), a brigand so that I can dps buff them with my buffs, and typically either a summoner class of some sort (necro or conj) or a second wizard depending on who is available.

Game Update 33 goes in this Wednesday. Which means I should idealistically finish off the Sword of Destiny quest series (the pieces that have been released) so that I’m up to date and not rushing with a bunch of other people to complete it. Whether or not I’ll actually get around to it, I’m not sure yet. I have been trying to work on claymore for the illusionist, she’s on the last quest in SoS. The templar…. still has not started. Sighs. I’m not looking forward to it. The illusionist could actually get by very well not even doing the quest, the end reward is not that great for mages, but the templar could use it for sure. It’s one of those must-haves for healers.

Crafting has been slow, but I’m looking to pick it up a bit. I need 5 levels on both the woodworker and the sage. Nice quiet afternoon projects to do between house work and the other mundane tasks of every day life.

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  1. Adele says:

    Good luck on finishing that quest:) Crafting is something I should prob work on.

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