Too much plat spam and other ramblings

Stargrace and Silverstep, both working on the newest released quest, the sword of destiny

I’m not sure about any other servers out there, but mine has been bombarded it seems with tells for power leveling and selling platinum. Now, I don’t really care if people buy money. It’s a personal choice, breaking the rules or not. What I do mind, is the 3-4 tells I get from Xsdfjtidnmb advertising their site. I report every one of them. Not always because I hate people who buy plat, but just because they’re interrupting the game for me. The only way to avoid them is to go /role or /anon and I don’t believe that anyone should have to do that just to avoid the spam tells. It’s also a shame when I get all excited seeing my “you have mail” icon go off, rush to a mail box, only to find that it’s some gold selling site advertising their wears. My assumption for this sudden influx? They’re not making as much money as they used to. So they feel like they have to advertise more. When I played EQLive everyone knew where to go if you wanted to buy gold. It was like this secret that people rarely talked about but everyone had heard of it. I never once got a tell about it. Even in WoW I never received a tell about buying money for the game – though I did occasionally hear the messages being spammed over the channels.

In VG there’s a huge lock down on those who advertise selling money in game. I love it. They announce it to the server and all that good stuff. I wish EQII were the same way, but that’s just my grumpy opinion.

I have a few in-game dilemmas lately that I’m not sure how to handle. The largest one would be that although I have been welcome to raid with a specific guild, I am not allowed to join that guild. So while I play a needed class, and have been raiding constantly with them for the past two weeks, the leader says it would be a bad idea if I joined, and that I am not welcome to. It’s one thing to be a tag-along on a raid, but being an actual member of the guild is something all together different. I’m not concerned about loot at all, they use a dkp method that I am apart of, but lets say an actual guild member works up the class that I play. Or they find another class outside of guild. They will (obviously) get priority on raids because they carry the tag and I do not. It’s a case of “good enough for the raids, but not good enough for the guild” that I find really unfair. It’s understandable, because of a few other factors that I won’t get into here. I’ve been invited to tag along on some other raids, with another guild who is interested in me joining them, but I don’t feel quite as comfortable with them. That could change though I suppose. Hence my issue.

I’ve also been trying to decide which two characters to work on solidly. It’s difficult to work all three on the main quests that I have. I want to work on the sword of destiny before tomorrow’s game update comes out and they release another part. Doing the quest with all three characters though is a huge pain. Hell doing it with one is. Then there’s also my claymore and DT access quests. Neither the templar nor the illusionist have it though the fury is done both. Argh. The illusionist is at least almost at 100 aa, but the templar and even the fury are so far behind. Then of course there’s all the regular real life stuff going on that people have to deal with that’s not even game related. Feeling slightly stressed over everything.

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  1. Ogrebears says:

    The last day or to i actually haven’t gotten a plat tell. Most of the time i’d get one pretty quickly when i log in, but now that i’m on spring break and play more often i haven’t really seen them.

  2. Adele says:

    Stargrace that is horrible the way they are treating you. It is like they are using you until they get a member who has leveled up that class.

    The woman that doesn’t like you that is odd. Perhaps she is one of those women that freak out when any other women join the guild- an attention hog of sorts. Flirts with every man in the guild ect…?

    Or perhaps she likes the guild leader or something and is jealous of the fact that he lets you raid? I don’t know but it sounds like a crappy excuse especially since you already contribute to the guild! That alone shows you are a stand up person!

    Ok ok… I need to calm down. Here I don’t even know you in RL and am all getting defensive of them not letting you join! Anyway I would tell them to kiss my *ss and find a home where you are treated with the respect you deserve:)

  3. stargrace says:

    Ah little bit of a past with me and the guild leader, and one of the women in the guild does not like me at all (I’ve never spoken to her before in my life.. ) so it’s a doesn’t-want-the-possibility-of-drama more or less, which is understandable, but being allowed to continue raiding is nice enough I suppose? I don’t know.

  4. Cuppycake says:

    Stargrace – Why doesn’t that guild leader want you to join his guild? I’m confused =/

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