.. and the plot thickens

As Posted by Gallenite here, pvp servers are merging, and pve servers, are getting free character transfers

Could it finally be that after all my ranting about lower populations on pretty much all servers, and specifically my own server, that the voices are being heard? The screen shot above is from a post on the EQII players forums, and it was welcome news to quite a few people. A move that is much needed. Not only are the pvp servers merging (and a free character transfer for those on the servers, incase you do not like your merge, of course from a pvp server you must remain on a pvp server and same goes for pve) but as point number three states, pve servers, will be allowed to transfer to other pve servers at no cost.

EQII has already had one free transfer in the first year of the game, I know because I moved then. Of course now I’m facing yet another dilemma because I’m finally getting into some smaller raids, and though I am not allowed to join my guild of choice, I am still having some fun. What’s to say that I won’t move to another server, and be back at square one, at least currently I am raiding. Basically it means I’ll have to do some research. On servers and guilds, and see what’s out there. Moving to another server (all of my characters) is not something to be taken lightly. Chances are their names are also already taken, so it means thinking of new ones, do I even want to go through that hassle. It could mean a new beginning. I could move to servers of fellow bloggers, where I at least would “know” in a manor of speaking, a few other players.

The few of us who are left in my old guild are contemplating moving, most of them hate the low population of LDL. The post does not specify whether or not there will be restrictions on moving. For example the first time that the transfers were available, you were not allowed to move to AB (the other RP server). I think this would deter a lot of role players from moving off of this server, if they were unable to move to the only other rp server out there (which has a very nice population). Personally, I’m not sure what I’ll do. It’s a lot to take in and a lot of decisions to make. I have friends here, but I do post often about how much the server lacks population. Are there pve merges incoming as well? Or just these free transfers? Again, I’m not sure. Because the post is mainly specified over pvp there wasn’t very much news on the pve worlds affected (pvp is player vs. player, incase someone is unsure, and pve is player vs. environment).

So that’s my news for today. It’s going to be very interesting to see how things go, whether or not I’ll take my 8 characters and move, where I’ll move to, what will happen to TK, and all the rest of it.

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  1. Kilanna says:

    Thanks for replying:)

    I was discussing this development with my guild leader over the weekend. She said she would completely understand if I moved servers – which of course doesn’t make it any easier to leave such nice people:)

    I am actually quite worried about what will happen if I dont fit in to an established guild. Most of the people in the new guild i am looking at have been playing together for many years – and many different games.

    Hehe lucky I will have some time to consider my decision =)

  2. stargrace says:

    Najena is most certainly the server to be if you’re Australian, in fact, that is the server I moved from – specifically because of that reason. I had a hard time making raids at 4am EST my time *chuckles* A wonderful and highly populated place.

  3. Kilanna says:

    Oh this is going to cause me some dilemma indeed.

    I made up my toons around 12 months ago on Guk server.

    I am an Australian and a couple of weeks ago I bumped into some fellow EQII players in the games store who have toons on Najeema (?spelling). Apparently, this is the server where most Australians play and by all accounts it has a vibrant economy.

    BUT… I am currently part of quite a small guild with very nice people. The server economy is OK – i dont usually have too much trouble selling stuff and there isn’t any troublemaking element. I have no complaints other than the fact I am normally the only person in the guild logged on, and it is usually impossible to get a group. (after 12 months play my toon is still only lvl 55)

    A few weeks ago I found myself daydreaming about the opportunity to transfer all my toons to that server. Now I may indeed be faced with the option to do it – I am nervous. I will miss quite a few of the people that I have met and speak to often if I move. And if I dont move I suspect I will wonder about whether it would have been better.

    Oh well – looks like I will get some time to think over the decision:)

  4. stargrace says:

    Not sure, I’m assuming they’ll make some sort of announcement before it starts to take place. The pvp servers will merge first, then the transfers / pve, they did say they’d give us plenty of warning ahead of time.

  5. Adele says:

    Hmm.. interesting. I would like to transfer servers too. I moved because my hubby did. Now that he has quit the game it would be nice to move again since I do not care for my current server. When is this going to take place?

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