It’s the little things that count

Silverstep (or is it Stargrace?) looking out into the Silent City

The zone pictured above is probably one of my very favorite zones, Silent City. I also adore the Living Tombs and they’re rarely ever populated any more. These zones were used mostly to complete one of the nicest weapon quests in game (for healers, this is still the most widely used weapon if you were around when DoF came out), of course I’m talking about the Godking weapons. But like a lot of the lower tiered quests (large ones especially) very few people ever end up working on their godking weapons, or seeing any of the zones related to it. I think a lot more people would continue to work down the peacock chain of quests (long, much like the claymore series, and more then the prismatic 1.0 Darathar series) if they did a few key things. One would be to remove the ‘eyes’ you need to farm for entrance to the raid zone. The final quest sends you into the raid zone to defeat a big baddie like most quests do, this zone is locked and you have to farm multiple eyes from epics in the Silent City, that have a chance and dropping and don’t always drop. It’s a long tedious project. In fact in the past when my guild mentioned we were going to farm eyes for the night, about 50% of the guild would suddenly drop link from “thunderstorms” or “bad connections” or have an emergency suddenly sprout up, and I did not blame them at all. Farming eyes was not fun.

The whole peacock series itself though, is quite fun. There’s interesting lore behind it all, and you get to visit a lot of places, do a lot of timed quests. I still have vivid memories of running around Living Tombs on the timed parts, and collecting rotting food (which is the part my templar is still on). But there’s really no point in doing the quest if I don’t intend on finishing it. I wish more guilds worked the chain. I think the same thing about the prismatic 1.0 quests. How many people have seen Darathar on the island of refuge. I would say almost everyone level 70 who quests to any degree has probably started the prismatic 1.0 series by completing ‘To Speak as a Dragon” because the language quest is used in numerous other quests. It requires you to run around and collect various runes, and you get to make that oh so fun run to Nagafen’s lair.

I suppose when people are bored they may try to complete some of the older quest lines, but between the Claymore series and the Sword of Destiny series, and all of the new EoF quests out there… is there any real point?

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  1. Adele says:

    Ugh I know what you mean. I still never finished the prismatic. I think I have 1 rune to get but now that I am 70 what’s the point and besides I could never get anyone to help me with the end. And then add all the new quests! lol it’s a losing battle. If you don’t get quests like that finished right away it ends up never happening.

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