The Sage of Ages and to Speak as a Dragon, old friends revisited

Stargrace in the Maiden’s Gulch, visiting an old friend

It’s been a while since I’ve needed the Sage of Ages for anything, but last night after the Freethinkers Hideout raid I attended a few friends of the guild I was with asked for help with a MG run (Maiden’s Gulch) so I volunteered to help out. The zone is quite simple, especially when you have two groups of level 70’s mentored down to 48. 48 is the level you would have originally had to do the quest at, and I remember it being pretty tough for T5 at the time. The zone has only one encounter, a group of drakes, a named in there with an elemental dot. Since we were mentored the named was yellow, and dropped a metal chest with a dagger, grats to whomever won that.

The sage himself is located at the back of the tiny zone, hailing him presents you with the beginning of to speak as a dragon, where he sends you to visit Nagafen down in Sol. Eye. Of course Nagafen won’t speak to you, as the kind giant standing beside them tells you (and you’ve gotta speak giant as well). So typically off you head to the Sage in Antonica, who then sends you all over Norrath (old world Norrath, none of the new zones) to collect 20 runes. Completing this quest not only allows you to progress the prismatic 1.0 series (if you so wish) but also allows you to speak draconic which is needed for DT access, as well as Claymore (the last quest in SoS, to read the runes on the floor). It’s one quest that’s spanned pretty much every expansion, and one of the few “old world” quests that I hear people doing some what consistently just because it is used in multiple quests. I actually wish more quests were like this. No, I do not enjoy running all over looking for 50 statues in old world zones like the Sword of Destiny chain is having people do, but I do enjoy newer quests that require you to have completed some significant quest in the past. It motivates people to continue doing those quests to begin with.

Before the Sword of Destiny series was released in parts, there was huge speculation that it would require you to have both prismatic 1.0, Godking, and Claymore completed. A lot thought this would be completely unreasonable, but I think it was a pleasant idea. Granted, there’s almost no way for the lore to work out encompassing so many expansions and level ranges, but it was a nice idea to me none the less. I know a lot of people are more pleased to hear that this is not true any how, you don’t need all the previous quests done in order to progress it. In my eyes it’s still nice to have people visiting those rare (and lengthly!) quests from the past. I miss the T5 dragon raids in Feerrott, for the prismatic 1.0 quests, and the one in Antonica, and Fallen Gate. The days of King Drayek raids and the Vision of Vox contested in Permafrost. Ah, things change so much.

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