The Idol of Everling, cutemode, and raids

Stargrace, placing the dolls for the Idol of Everling – another house item!

Since Silverstep lost her house and all of her belongings (sighs, 2 years worth of house items including the rare griffin tower live event items and other random goodies) I decided I’d work on Stargrace’ house in the mean time. She was missing two knick nacks, the ship in a bottle (from the fallen dynasty quest, located on the docks in TS by the Island bell, examine each one of the crates and then hail the npc there and he’ll talk to you), as well as the Idol of Everling from Nektulos Castle 1.0. That’s right the simple level 30-ish zone was given a lore quest a few months back that I fell in love with. More status reduction (I own a house in South Qeynos, closest to the Harbor zone line if you’re ever peeking in on Lucan D’Lere feel free to check it out, door is always open) is always a great thing. I’m looking to have a whole lot of house items crafted as well, a friend having supplies me with about.. 35 T6 rares as a thank you for my contribution to a few raids. One consistent thing with me in EQII has been my some what (sick) obsession with house items. I’d do the sword of destiny quest series just for the house item reward.

This weekend was fairly typical, I raided on Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was Lyceum and Chel’Drak. The guild I was with had never attempted Chel’Drak before, and they managed to get him to 49% their first visit. Which is simply amazing from my point of view. It is a very difficult encounter with five separate types of adds, as well as two aoe’s, plus Chel’Drak himself. They were one short in the raid, using their guilds back up tank, and we could have used a few more power regenning classes. It was still a very successful learning experience though, and honestly that’s all a first attempt is. It’s where you learn the encounter, where to position and what your role is in a raid. It made me miss TK a lot, and the way we used to operate, the time we took into learning these encounters.

I’ve been crafting slightly. Hoping to get my carpenter up a few levels, as well as the sage and the alchemist. I’ve been slacking far behind. I did end up playing my mystic (going to betray to defiler) for the better portion of Sunday morning, and she hit level 32 (almost 33) which is the longest I’ve had a mystic I think. I typically get bored and end up deleting them to make room for other characters. No news yet on the exact days that server transfers are going to be available, but that’s a big deal lately as well, as everyone from my old guild who remained is planning on leaving the server as soon as it’s allowed. I don’t blame them. I think I’ve decided to move one character to the new server they all transfer too (probably my templar) and keep the rest of my characters on Lucan since things are picking up slightly. I have some friends in Marauders who are working for me to try to join the guild (previous posts explain why I’m allowed to raid with them, but not join their guild) and a lot of people think it’s foolishness that I’m not allowed to wear the tag after offering so much to their raids. I still understand though and hopefully things work out. I just want to be able to raid.

Oh, yes. For april fools day.. everyone had enormous heads. /Cutemode has been in game for as long as I can remember, but typically not by default, lol. It was fun to hear everyone’s comments on it. There was also a goblin who would go around rez’ing people who had died. Which actually proved to be more of an annoyance then anything else because he will spam your screen even when you are not dead. In the Chel’Drak raid it was also very deadly if people choose his rez vs. the revive option. It would summon the entire raid into his room and wipe us all (again). I can’t wait until they remove that foolishness. It’s not april fools day any more (speaking of which, my birthday is in two weeks – I feel so old! Even if 26 isn’t that old *grins*)

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  1. Adele says:

    UGh… your house stuff is missing? Are you getting it back?

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